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Natural Food for Dogs

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Natural dog food is one of the options we have on the market when we are looking for food for our dog.
This type of feed is characterized by not containing dyes or preservatives and by using only natural products, such as meat, vegetables, fruits, fish and even eggs, ingredients that in many cases are suitable for human consumption.
They tend to be what is now called “grain free”, free of grains, but some do contain cereals in small quantities.

Best natural food for dogs

As with humans, dogs also have digestive problems and even allergies caused by the type of food we give them, due to its poor quality. Thus, a solution to these health problems is a change in diet and giving them natural feed. . The combination of high quality ingredients, the absence of dyes and preservatives usually greatly improves the quality of life of the animal, even making the symptoms disappear. There are natural feeds with different types of proteins. We have already seen that natural feeds are used a lot. to alleviate the symptoms of food allergies, but they are of no use if our dog has an allergy to chicken (the meat that causes the most allergies in dogs) and we give him a feed whose main source of protein is chicken. In this way, On the market there are feeds that use different types of protein, which allows us not to buy the one that uses meat that is harmful to our dog. When there is a food allergy, one of the best solutions is to buy a natural dog feed made with lamb, a meat that does not usually cause allergy problems and is the most used as an alternative. On the other hand, and to keep things healthy, another option is feed that does not contain a single gram of meat and whose source of protein comes from fish such as salmon, both fresh and dehydrated. Other types of dog food: • Gana Supreme • Hypoallergenic food • Light food for dogs • Food for sterilized dogs

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