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Why do dogs lose their appetite? Causes and solutions

¿Por qué los perros pierden el apetito? Causas y soluciones

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Is your dog eating little lately? Loss of appetite in dogs can represent a headache for their owners, even more so when the reason why the canine rejects food is unknown. In addition to this, the issue of our dog's health and well-being is closely linked to a balanced diet, which would be altered due to this situation. If you have a canine that is experiencing a loss of appetite, in this article we will give you some signs of the reason why this is happening, also accompanied by some solutions that can help make the loss of appetite that your puppy is suffering disappear. Be sure to read the following information, which will surely be of great help to you.

Loss of appetite in dogs

The reasons why a dog can lose its appetite are numerous, from feeling depressed to an illness. In general, loss of appetite may be the manifestation of some imbalance in the dog's life. Discovering the reason why this situation is occurring is of great importance to determine how to stop it and get our dog to return to its regular eating habit. Below are some of the causes of loss of appetite in dogs .
dog does not eat

Bad perspective

On many occasions it happens that, beyond a feeding issue, we see that our dog consumes less food than others. Therefore, thinking that this could be a sign of alteration would be a mistake. Furthermore, it should be said that an adult dog can go up to two days without eating without affecting its health. So worrying about this may be unnecessary. Of course, if it exceeds two days, it is necessary to take the situation seriously and investigate the cause.


Loss of appetite can also be a symptom of some illness or discomfort that the canine is experiencing. Stomach pain, kidney or liver problems, and even chronic diseases such as cancer, are scenarios in which the dog can lose its appetite. In this case, consulting a veterinarian is essential to determine if it is a disease. And, even more, to determine its severity.

Lack of attention

Although on many occasions the lack of attention towards our dogs seems insignificant, it can cause them, in a search to attract the gaze of their owners, to stop feeding.
dog doesn't want to eat

Dental problems

When a dog has a condition of its teeth or gums that causes frequent pain, it may stop eating to avoid getting worse. In many cases, dental problems can be prevented by practicing proper oral hygiene and providing quality feed.

Depression or anxiety

Depression , anxiety or nervousness can be a cause of loss of appetite in dogs. The loss of a close person or returning from vacation are the most common scenarios for dog depression.


Although it may seem like an uncommon cause, consuming the same food for a long time can cause the dog to get bored of the food and no longer eat it as frequently. Therefore, it is an essential issue that must be given due attention.

What should I do if my dog ​​loses his appetite?

When faced with a dog's loss of appetite, the first thing to do is determine the cause. In this way, the problem will be eradicated and the dog will eat normally again.
loss of appetite in dogs
If it is, for example, a disease, whether stomach or other, it is best to counteract it. In this way, the dog will regain its health and, therefore, its appetite. Now, if the lack of appetite is due to other causes such as depression, it is essential to have veterinary or psychological treatment that leads to overcoming this state. Among other things, making variations in our dog's food, changing feed from time to time, and combining it with other foods that are of adequate consumption, can help the dog maintain interest in food and not get bored with its eating routine. . On the other hand, if it were a need for attention, the ideal would be to make sure that you are giving your dog proper attention. Taking care of him and making him feel cared for will be very helpful in ensuring that he is fed properly.
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