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Gas in dogs: causes, symptoms and treatment

Gases en perros: causas, síntomas y tratamiento

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Gas in dogs is more common than you imagine, and although there is a wide variety of causes - some completely harmless and sporadic - it can also be a symptom of a serious incident that could be putting their life at risk.

Below, we discuss some basic considerations that you should know about this problem.

Causes of gas in dogs

The reasons may be several, the most common and basic is that they are ingesting air when eating , which usually happens in young dogs, who eat with great vigor.

Gas problem in dogs

However, also some brachycephalic dogs such as the boxer , the chow chow, and others like that, due to the shape of their jaw, do not chew well, which also generates a lot of air and consequently flatulence, so in these cases could be within the normal range.

Although diet can also be a factor that produces gas in dogs, even more so when you are offering too many legumes , since these types of foods are slow to transit through the digestive system, thus promoting flatulence.

Likewise, carbohydrates and fiber become factors that encourage this problem, so you must pay attention to the type of food you give, and also to the quality of the feed.

Gas in dogs causes

Other factors, such as age, can also be another relatively natural cause of gas in dogs, since through conditions such as breathing difficulties , this type of discomfort is encouraged.

On the other hand, more serious diseases such as pulmonary edema and some heart conditions can be the cause of flatulence. A stomach obstruction can be a complication that leads to stomach torsion , which can be fatal, and keep the following symptoms present, which you can see below.

Symptoms of gas in dogs

Every mammal is prone to gas, although knowing your dog well will help you distinguish when it is going through a normal period, or if things begin to become more serious, as other types of symptoms also present.

When your dog has had constant gas for several days, it is an indication that something is not right, although the intensity of the smell can also be a wake-up call. However, the absence of intense odors is not a reason either. to rule out any condition, since sometimes they occur stealthily.

Gas in dogs symptoms

When faced with a suspicion of this type, it is important to try to pay attention to the noises in your stomach , as grumbling in the intestines can begin to give us an idea of ​​where the problem could be.

If he appears down or apathetic, and has no appetite, it may be an indication that there is something else that is causing the problem; and if you notice that he brings his abdomen closer to the ground, adopting unusual positions, it will be an indication that he is also suffering from pain in his stomach, so it will be important to pay attention to whether he is vomiting or diarrhea.

Likewise, if you notice that your dog is also having problems absorbing food , we recommend that you seek immediate medical attention, as in this case there could be some type of obstruction.

Treatment for gas in dogs

If it is something light, and you recognize factors such as a sudden change in their diet, you may have the solution yourself, which could be returning to their normal diet or opting for high-quality dog ​​food, some premium alternatives, such as The ones we offer at Lobo Azul stand out precisely for their good digestibility.

But, if you suspect that there may be a bigger problem, a consultation with your veterinarian will help you clear up any doubts. A basic examination may provide sufficient elements, but depending on the symptoms, blood tests, ultrasounds, x-rays and/or a stool sample could also be used to clarify the cause more precisely and define an appropriate medical treatment.

Gas in dogs treatment

Sometimes, probiotics for canines can help solve the problem, although treatments using digestive enzymes or activated charcoal are usually the choice for any gastrointestinal condition.

For gas in dogs, physical activation will also be important. In this sense, it is useful to try to do various exercises with your pet, just remember that you should not feed them before or after exercising, which is also a preventive recommendation to help them avoid this type of incident.

With a little attention and appropriate measures, you will see that it is possible to minimize flatulence, or solve the problem that is causing it.

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