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The Poodle, the favorite pet of young and old

El Caniche, la mascota favorita de grandes y pequeños

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The Poodle breed, also called Poodle , in countries like France, Germany and England, has always been one of the favorite dogs to be our pets. Even today, he is one of the most chosen to be our life companion, mainly because of some outstanding characteristics such as his size, beauty, character and coat.

Without a doubt, the dog is man's best friend and the poodle has won the hearts and preferences of many homes around the world. The poodle dog is distinguished by being active, intelligent, faithful, docile , and with a highly developed instinct compared to other breeds. In order to appreciate its excellent characteristics, we must understand its history and know a little more about its origin, taking this into account if you want to adopt this adorable pet.

  • Small size .
  • Weight : Between 2 and 20kg depending on the type and size.
  • Hair type : Curly and long.
  • Character : Intelligent, Alert, Active, Faithful, Instinctive, Trainable
  • Health : Prone to certain diseases
  • Life expectancy : Between 12 and 15 years.

History of the Poodle dog

The first evidence associated with the origin of the poodle breed dog emerged in the Middle Ages, between the 12th and 15th centuries, where it can be seen in artistic expressions such as sculptures, coins and even Roman tombs. There are several theories regarding the origin of this breed, since at the time it became a great controversy.

One of them indicates that it comes from Germany , at the time of the revolutionary war, later arriving in France and being distributed throughout Spain, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Curiously, in these countries the poodle has different characteristics depending on its design.

History of the Poodle

However, we can highlight that in the Middle Ages, specimens from Germany had the appearance of thick and strong bones. They were bred to search for and collect remains of animals that had fallen into the water, such as birds like ducks or geese, so they had resistance to water and strength when swimming, and were commonly called water dogs.

Unlike the German poodle, the Russian poodle was bred in a more domestic way, to be faithful company. This is taller and finer than the German Poodle, with a thick, wavy coat, ideal for cutting and shaping into different styles.

Another characteristic to highlight is their loyalty and love towards their owners. Approximately in the 16th century, the fame of the poodle increased because they participated in circus shows. They also appeared in works of art by great authors, of which we can highlight the French Alberto Dürer and Francisco de Goya .

There was a time when fur was essential to protect them from hypothermia, due to the type of climate and such low temperatures; However, in the 19th century, the boom in giving styles and various hairstyles to poodles began, such as the British Montano cut and the Continental cut. Poodle dogs were only found as pets of wealthy people and aristocrats, commonly in large sizes.

As time went by, these evolved, maintaining a relatively standard size, however, the breed has a variety of sizes recognized by the Kennel Club : in 1911 the mini size was recognized and in 1957 the toy with a bone structure reduced, the latter appeared when dogs of various sizes were crossed to obtain other variants.

Finally they adopted several names depending on their origin or country of origin, in English they are called poodle, in French Caniche, in German Pudel and in Italian Barbone nano or Barboncino .

Physical Characteristics of the Poodle Dog

The poodle's body is quite proportionate, a little longer than it is tall, with abundant fur, a strong and slightly muscular back. In general terms, the poodle breed has a fine and distinguished structure compared to other breeds.

Regarding the facial description, the nose is usually black in black and white poodles, but when their coat is brown the nose is usually the same color.

Poodle Characteristics

The eyes of the specimens of this breed are almond-shaped, very expressive, with colors such as black, amber and brown with dark tones. The poodle's ears are usually a little long, flattened or flat, falling vertically with abundant curly fur.

The tail is thin and long; Unfortunately, the tradition adopted over the years was to cut it by half or a third through a surgical procedure that is performed at the beginning of its life, only for aesthetic reasons.

The coat of these dogs is abundant, and due to its texture and consistency it is perfect for designing various hairstyles. This has become an essential part of competition horses. The hair is commonly wavy or curly and is generally cut leaving the top fluffy at the level of the head, tail and legs.

The color of the poodle varies, highlighting white, black, gray, brown, orange and reddish. As for size, these vary between 60 and 24 cm at the withers depending on the type, classifying them as follows:

  • Large or Standard : It was the original size of this breed, since the others currently existing were obtained from it. The size varies between 45 to 60 cm at the withers and possibly a few more centimeters, with a weight of approximately 22 kg. This type of poodle is very famous for competing at the same time in black, brown and white colors under the regulations of FCI (International Cynological Federation).
  • Medium : It is commonly known as standard, maintaining a size from 35 centimeters to 45 centimeters at the withers. Its weight remains at approximately 12 kg, and the colors vary, being mostly black, white, brown, gray and reddish, with smoother fur than other types of poodle.
  • Dwarf : In most countries, they are called miniature or simply mini. Its size varies between 35 cm and 28 cm in height, with a standard weight between 4 and 7 Kg. Its structure is similar to the medium poodle type, only smaller.
  • Toy : Their size varies, being approximately 28 cm and weighing between 2 and 3 kg. Due to their small size they look adorable, and are highly sought after as pets for children. However, they may suffer health problems for the same reason.

Poodle Dog Temperament

Poodles are happy and affectionate dogs par excellence, they are ideal for company in a home. They are very famous for their intelligence, earning the number 2 spot in Stanley Coren's top, becoming one of the 5 most intelligent dogs in the world , since they learn very quickly in their training.

Poodle Temperament

For the most part, poodle dogs are very restless and energetic. They have been used to hunt birds, so one of their great attributes is that they are always alert to any noise or movement, something that makes them stand out as guard dogs .

They are one of the most recommended to be adopted as a new member of the family due to their friendly, affectionate and playful character, thus having a good relationship with adults and children, gaining trust quickly. Likewise, the poodle dog can be trained to perform surveillance and hunting tasks, since they are excellent at taking and carrying things in their mouth.

Poodle Dog Health

The poodle has a life expectancy of approximately 12 to 15 years . Regarding their health, there are some diseases that can affect them:

  • Glaucoma : It is a visual disease that increases intraocular pressure, thus leading to canine blindness. This happens when eye fluid is produced faster than it can be removed. It can be treated with drops, or with surgery if it is very advanced. It can be recognized by symptoms such as red eyes, severe pain, dilated pupils.
  • Elbow dislocation : This happens to poodle specimens when the radius and ulna move, because they flex the elbow and foot without touching the ground. It can be diagnosed with an idiographic study, the symptoms can be identified with pain when walking and inflammation. It can be treated by surgery in advanced cases or immobilization of the limb.
  • Otitis Externa : It usually happens when the eardrum becomes inflamed towards the outside of the ear, producing some moments of nervousness, loss of balance and in extreme cases meningitis. We can identify this condition by unpleasant odors, secretions on the outside of the ear and ears, with some episodes of fever.

Necessary Care of the Poodle Dog

It is important that this delicate dog receives the necessary attention to stay healthy and strong. We can start by cleaning our eyes regularly to avoid sores and subsequent infections, in this way we will prevent pain and visual diseases from arising.

Another important care is to check its ears periodically . If you detect any redness or discharge in your poodle, take it to a veterinary clinic to detect any disease that it may be developing in time.

Necessary Care of the Poodle

Pay close attention to the coat , bathing it with a special shampoo, at the frequency recommended by your veterinarian. Then it is advisable to dry it well with a dryer, at a medium temperature so as not to burn it, this way we can avoid discomfort since humidity could have negative consequences on the skin. Taking him to the vet is essential, protecting him with the necessary vaccines.

Finally, as a puppy, try to socialize it with other dogs, children and animals of other species. This is necessary so that when he becomes an adult he does not have a hostile character. You can achieve this by taking him to the park to interact with other people and pets outside his environment.

Education and training of the Poodle Dog

The poodle breed dog is by nature playful, hunter and swimmer . Training is not complicated since it is one of the most intelligent breeds that exist.

They must be educated regarding their behavior since they tend to jump and bark a lot. Positive training is one of the most recommended for this breed, this consists of rewarding it every time it does or meets the requested objective, such as relieving itself in a specific place.

Teach him with this technique to sit, lie down, stay still, come, etc. Since it is a breed that likes to run and look for things, throw balls at them and reward them when they give it to you. Likewise, if you have the possibility of hiring a trainer or dog education institute, this is an alternative to consider; however, it is highly recommended that the training be done at home and that the owners get involved in the process.

Education and training of the Poodle

To consider…

These dogs are highly sought after for their size and temperament , as they are ideal for people who live in small places such as apartments, studio apartments and small houses.

It also has the advantage of adapting to different environments thanks to its fur, which can adapt to hot or cold climates. The poodle dog is one of the most intelligent dogs in the world, if you decide to have one you will bring home a great treasure. In addition, it will bring you many joys since it is a faithful companion. It is important that you carefully observe the place where you are going to get your puppy.

Many farms of this breed do not have adequate conditions for breeding. Likewise, it is important that, even if you need a small dog, you consider that the dwarf and toy variations of the poodle can present health conditions due to their small size, including muscle discomfort and heart problems, especially when the breeders have not been careful or when they seek to force the small size of the specimens.

The Poodle is recommended especially when there are children since they are very tender and affectionate with them. If you want to have this adorable canine as another member of your family, remember that you must fulfill a great responsibility, giving him all your love and attention in his care. You may also like:

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