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Cairn Terrier - a bold dog breed

Cairn Terrier - una raza de perros audaz

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One of the most daring and cheerful dog breeds recognized in the canine world is the Cairn Terrier . This friend is among one of the favorite options to be adopted as a family pet, given his friendly character and dynamism, which makes him ideal for playing with the little ones in the house and as a companion dog. If you want to know more about the Cairn Terrier species, care , origin and behavior , among other details, this article is exactly what you are looking for.
  • Medium size .
  • Weight : Between 6 and 8kg.
  • Hair type : Long, wavy and dense.
  • Character : Strong, Assertive, Fearless, Intelligent, Cheerful, Active
  • Health : Healthy
  • Life expectancy : Between 12 and 15 years.

Origin of the Cairn Terrier

The Cairn Terrier is recognized for being one of the oldest breeds in the canine world. Its beginnings are related to the hunting of small animals in areas such as the Highlands or the Isle of Skye , in Scotland, around the 15th century. The short legs of this canine were not an impediment to being an expert in hunting.
Cairn Terrier breed
Precisely, the name of the breed “Cairn” is due to its presence in caves and mountain ranges where this dog roamed to warn about prey that it located there. Later, hunting dog breeds were bred separately, and the Cairn Terrier was classified as a companion dog. Until now, the Cairn Terrier continues to represent one of the best canine options to be adopted by the family group, due to its different qualities and characteristics that we will mention below.

Physical characteristics of the Cairn Terrier

The Cairn Terrier is usually considered a breed of compact size , visibly longer than it is tall. Its height, in the male, is between 25 and 33 centimeters. While in the female they can reach up to 30 centimeters, balanced with their weight, approximately 6 to 8 kilos for both. The coat of this breed of dog is usually of various colors, among the most notable are gray, reddish tones, cream and a shade of black. A characteristic that is worth highlighting is that the Cairn Terrier's coat is waterproof, since it has a double layer: dense and soft on the inside and abundant and hard on the outside, but this does not make it rough or uncomfortable. for the mobility of the race.
Cairn Terrier origin
The physical appearance of the Cairn Terrier totally matches its personality. His head is perfectly suited to his body build. Wider and shorter than other dogs of the Terrier species. Its eyes, symmetrically aligned with the size of its head, are tan and slightly sunken. Its snout is elongated, accompanied by its upturned and tiny black nose. The ears and tail of this breed are the ones that most express its alertness. The first are small, profiled, straight and triangular in shape. While the tail, high but not very long, always stays up. Both make it appear that the Cairn Terrier is alert at all times.

Character of the Cairn Terrier

Energy and fun are the qualities that best define the behavior of the Cairn Terrier . Being permanently alert to any situation easily makes it an ideal dog to watch over the home. Also notable, among the characteristics of this dog breed , is the love and joy of sharing with their masters, which is why adapting to any space is very easy for this dog. The intelligence of these dogs facilitates their training , also adapting with complete peace of mind to any space, making them ideal for families where there are children of any age.

Cairn Terrier Care

Cairn Terrier feeding
Even if special care is not involved, the Cairn Terrier requires an adequate quality of life to ensure a longevity of up to 17 years . That is why the owners of this canine species must take into account important aspects such as diet , hygiene and health , if they want to keep their pet by their side for a long time.


It does not require any specific diet. However, it is recommended that this need be covered with quality dry food. In this way, benefits will be guaranteed, not only for the body's health, but also for the pet's dental health. Choosing foods according to your age, size and physical activity will give you greater well-being.


The hygiene of the Cairn Terrier , like any other dog breed, is crucial, even more so if it remains in constant contact with the family unit. That is why this aspect must be taken care of frequently. First of all, dental hygiene. To avoid the accumulation of tartar and bacteria, it is necessary to get the dog used to brushing its teeth at least once a week, using products especially for dogs.
Cairn Terrier dog
Coat care is also important. A monthly bath will be enough to keep the Cairn Terrier's skin clean. On the other hand, brushing is essential and it is recommended to do it frequently, at least once a week.


The health of the Cairn Terrier also focuses on compliance with vaccines that will keep it protected against various diseases, accompanied by frequent physical activity to maintain the dynamism of this pet. Inguinal hernias, myasthenia, hemophilia, hip dysplasia or allergies due to consumption of inappropriate foods are the most frequent diseases that these canines can suffer from, which is why maintaining a good diet, exercises and vaccines is of great importance to prevent them.


Cairn Terrier puppy
The Cairn Terrier puppy does not require any different care than adults. Maintaining its coat, feeding and proper vaccination from the beginning will be sufficient for the well-being and proper health of the animal. However, rigorous training is necessary, because if not, they can become stubborn and arrogant. Using the reward within the Cairn's training will ensure that it becomes more attentive and obedient. Regarding the physical features of the puppy, the smallness and darkness of its face and ears stand out, which gives it a funny appearance. As evidenced, the Cairn Terrier has different qualities that make it an ideal pet for the whole family . Learn more about dogs at:
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