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Do you want your dog to live longer? Follow these tips!

¿Quieres que tu perro viva más tiempo? ¡Sigue estos consejos!

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Since we adopt a pet, our greatest desire is for its company to last a long time. As the days go by and the affection for him grows, we want to spend more and more time in our lives that we can stay by his side. However, in most cases, we do not offer our pet the essential care so that its life lasts considerably. Whether due to lack of knowledge of the basic care that a pet, such as a dog, requires, or simply because we do not consider it completely important, there are cases in which the canine does not receive the necessary attention from its best friend and its health deteriorates considerably. to the point that his life ends earlier than expected. Do you want your dog to live longer ? In this article we will give you some tips that will allow your pet to enjoy good health and well-being, which will give you the opportunity to fully enjoy their company and share unforgettable experiences with your best canine friend.

What should I do?

Making your dog increase its chances of life is not a complicated matter. Beyond performing extraordinary actions, it is about providing adequate care for your pet, which will be very beneficial for the canine's life, which will enjoy your attention and feel full of energy and well-being. And, in addition, you can enjoy a healthy companion to do activities by your side.
tips to make your dog live longer
Below, we will mention the more specific aspects that you should follow to prolong the life of your canine friend .

Balanced diet

One of the fundamental tips that you should follow if you want your dog to live longer is to provide him with a balanced diet . It is not only about giving our dog quality feed, which represents a very important aspect, but also ensuring that the canine is receiving the nutrients it needs in its diet. In this regard, the guidance of a veterinarian is essential. Well, the instructions on how, how often, or what to feed our dogs may vary according to the breed, size and age of the canine. In addition, asking about foods that dogs cannot consume and that their owners tend to give them due to ignorance, such as chocolate, can be harmful to their health. Poor diet is totally associated with obesity in dogs. This is why taking care of the appropriate way of feeding your dog from an early age is essential to ensure the animal's adequate well-being.

Exercise routine

If there is an issue of importance for health in canine life (in addition to food) it is exercises. Depending on the breed of the animal, the amount of exercise it needs can be determined.
exercise is essential for dogs
Although exercise is vital for all dogs to channel energy and maintain good health, there are puppies that by nature require more activity than others, either because they are more prone to obesity, or because they have a greater amount of of energy. Knowing the characteristics of our dog's breed will allow us to know the amount of exercises it requires daily and organize our time to fulfill the care it requires. Encouraging the dog to practice exercises is of great importance to maintain its adequate physical and mental condition, since activities such as walks help eliminate stress and socialize the canine.

Take care of your hygiene

Within dog hygiene, there are aspects that are of great importance, such as oral hygiene. Oral hygiene in dogs is very important , because these animals are prone to contracting tartar or suffering from gingivitis very easily; if not treated in a timely manner, it can cause tooth loss.
take care of dog hygiene
Brushing your dog's mouth daily with a toothbrush or gauze is very useful to keep his mouth cared for. Providing suitable food for the dog, such as good food , is another way to take care of the well-being of its mouth. In addition to dental hygiene, body hygiene is an important factor. Beyond bathing, which can be done when the dog needs it depending on the breed, brushing the coat is essential, especially in long-haired canines. In this case, your hair should be brushed up to three times a week.

Stimulation and training

Stimulation, games and training are an aspect of great importance for the health and well-being of the dog. This will not only motivate his intelligence, it will also make him a more sociable, educated and affectionate dog with his owner's friends. Keeping its cognitive abilities active will help our dog in its development and growth even in its adult stage. It also prevents the puppy from getting bored and undoubtedly promotes its well-being and health. Reserving time during walks and exercises for the stimulation and training of the dog will also increase the ties between the pet and its owner, so it is ideal to keep this aspect present if we want our dog to live healthily.
prolong the life of your dog

Regular checks

Visits to the veterinarian and complying with the dog's vaccination and deworming schedule are elements that cannot be excluded if you want your dog to live longer. This will not only strengthen your immune system , but also prevent or detect diseases and maintain a general balance of our companion's health. Taking regular check-ups seriously will undoubtedly be beneficial if you want to keep a pet full of health, energy and well-being for much longer. Writing down each checkup, vaccine or deworming is a good strategy to avoid forgetting the dates.
take care of your dog

Give love and attention

The best part of having a pet is being able to shower it with affection. And, although it may not seem like it, this is very important for the dog's health (especially mental). Although there are breeds that are independent and not very affectionate, dogs are social beings. Shows of affection will never hurt, this way the dog will not feel alone.
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