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My dog ​​scratches a lot, how to fix it?

Mi perro se rasca mucho, ¿cómo solucionarlo?

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Seeing a dog scratching sometimes during the day is totally normal. It is not a cause for concern to see the canine scratching due to an insect bite or for any other reason. However, noticing that your dog scratches frequently or shows excessive itching may be the first sign that something is wrong with him. If you have noticed that your dog is scratching more than usual lately , and you perceive discomfort and despair during his scratching, it may be due to a more severe reason. Given this, in addition to paying special attention, we recommend that you recognize the reasons why he is scratching and what to do to relieve our canine friend's itching . On this occasion, in this article we will delve not only into the causes why your dog may scratch more than normal, but we will also provide some solutions that can help eliminate this problem in a simple way.

How do I know that my dog ​​is scratching more than normal?

As we have already mentioned, it is normal for the dog to scratch occasionally during the day. However, there is often a question of how and when to know that a dog is scratching more than normal . We will explain how you can find out.
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First of all, the dog's scratching is accompanied by an alteration in its behavior. Knowing your pet allows you to notice some strange and even possibly compulsive behavior when it comes to scratching more. Another sign to identify that your dog scratches a lot is that doing so may possibly cause skin injuries. Which, depending on their depth, may be perceived with redness and even licking of the skin. Being attentive to these aspects and continually visualizing your dog at the moment he is scratching will allow you to perceive if something is wrong.

My dog ​​scratches a lot: causes

There are numerous reasons why a dog may scratch a lot, which must be known before providing solutions for this situation. On this occasion we will list some of the most common ones, this way you will be able to more easily recognize if your dog scratches because of some of them.


Allergies are one of the most common causes of dogs scratching . They can be allergic to different things. Some plants, such as grasses, tend to make dogs itch and, therefore, increase scratching. Garden fertilizers or cleaning products are another factor that can cause allergies in canines. Thirdly, you can mention some types of foods that, by generating joy, produce piquiña.
my dog ​​scratches more than normal


Mostly prone to young dogs. This skin disease in canines occurs due to hypersensitivity or allergy to external factors in the environment, such as pollen, mold or mites. In addition to the redness of the skin, this disease causes a lot of itching on the dog's body , so seeing that it scratches desperately can be a sign of dermatitis.


Caused by the presence of different mites on the skin of the canine. This dermatological disease is, without a doubt, one of the most prominent causes why a dog scratches a lot. Due to the existence of different types of mites, scabies is also usually of different types, and therefore, there is a treatment indicated for each one depending on its severity.


The presence of parasites in our dog's body is another reason why he may scratch constantly and desperately. The presence of insects such as fleas, lice or ticks in dogs can cause bites that cause frequent scratching of different parts of their body.
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Whether it is a change in the canine's diet, or an imbalance within it, alterations can occur in its metabolic system that lead to excessive itching , so seeing the dog scratching may be the product of a dietary alteration. You can avoid this situation by feeding it with quality hypoallergenic food.


This is one of the most common reasons why a dog scratches a lot. Lack of hygiene can produce not only dirt, but also irritability of the skin, which would cause the dog to scratch constantly and desperately.

My dog ​​scratches a lot: solutions

It is important to know that, if your dog scratches a lot, the most prudent alternative is to take it to your veterinarian, this way they will be able to identify the cause and generate solutions to eradicate the itching much faster. However, there are some simple options with which you can improve the situation.
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If the reason why your dog scratches a lot is lack of hygiene. Bathing periodically every two weeks, using specialized dermatological shampoos for canines, can help eliminate this problem. If they have thick coats, combing them will also contribute to their well-being.


If it is a dietary problem, the ideal first thing is to identify what caused the dog's joy. In this way, avoiding providing that food again will help avoid the itching. Providing the dog with a balanced diet, with proteins and vitamins, through quality food, is another way to prevent it from scratching a lot.

Antifungal treatments

In the case of dermatitis or scabies, the veterinarian should be the one who provides the instructions for the medications necessary to reduce scratching. Whether they are antifungal lotions or other medicines that help the problem disappear.
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Antiparasitic treatments

If your dog scratches a lot because of mites, fleas or ticks. An antiparasitic treatment will surely help you in this situation. Whether in pills, necklaces or injections. These treatments are generally very effective. In any case, the veterinarian will recommend the one that is most useful to your dog.

skin lesions

If it is a skin lesion, placing ice towels on the affected area will effectively reduce irritation and reduce scratching. Likewise, with apple cider vinegar, in a cotton ball , it can help reduce injury and itching . Learn more about dogs:
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