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The most famous dogs in history

Los perros más famosos de la historia

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Dogs are noble animals, which have accompanied man since ancient times. They are excellent companions, faithful, protective and affectionate. But, above all, they are animals that have shown great intelligence. Perhaps for this reason, over time, many dogs have become known for their incredible feats , some difficult to believe, as they go beyond tricks or training lessons. These four-legged characters deserve a place in our hearts. So here we share a list with those who have managed to perform the most famous and important feats, some have even managed to change the world.

Balto, the hero of Nome

Balto was a Siberian Husky who became famous for saving the lives of a large number of children in a town in Alaska called Nome. This is an isolated town, thousands of kilometers from the nearest hospital, which by 1925 had been infected with an epidemic of Diphtheria, a highly contagious disease that has a high mortality rate. famous dog balto Thus, Balto led a group of sled dogs, together with Dr. Gunnar Kaasen, through terrible weather conditions, in the middle of winter, to search for the penicillin vaccines that would cure and save the lives of children. of the population. He has been the hero figure of the children of the Nome town ever since. He died in 1933, but his body is on display at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and he has several statues in his name both in Nome, where he performed the heroic feat, and in New York's Central Park.

Rin Tin Tin, the Hollywood star

The classic Rin Tin Tin cannot be left behind among the most famous dogs in history. This German Shepherd is famous in the history of television and cinema , his fame is due to the fact that he participated as a protagonist in more than 20 films. His name comes from the first film he starred in, called “ The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin ”, but his fame reached unsuspected levels for a dog . He even got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with his paw print under it. rin tin tin Although it is not verified, it is said that he was voted to win an Oscar Award in 1929, which was rejected by the Academy when they determined that only human beings could participate. This famous German Shepherd died in 1932, but his memory remained in the hearts of all the people who saw the films in which Rin Tin Tin starred.

Stubby, an American Hero

Returning to the heroes of nations, there is Stubby, a Boston Bull Terrier who helped the American Troops in World War I. It was found on the fields of Yale University, when members of the 102nd Infantry Unit were training, one of the soldiers became fond of it and decided to keep it. When it was time to leave, the soldier boarded with the hidden dog, but it was discovered. However, his upright and disciplined attitude allowed them to decide to leave him on board, earning everyone's affection. Stubby served as a night sentinel, alerting his companions to the presence of intruders. famous stubby dogs He was on the front fighting for a long time and, when the war with chemical weapons began, he was taught to warn of mustard gas. He also helped in locating and rescuing wounded soldiers. He died in 1926, being the first and only dog ​​named “sergeant” for his merits during combat.

Laika, the first astronaut

When we talk about space, we have to talk about the Soviet Union and how they were the first to reach it. They achieved it with Laika, a dog adopted from the streets of Moscow who was trained to make the trip. laika He had great fame in 1957 for being the first living being to travel into space , orbiting the Earth. Unfortunately, Laika died about six hours after being launched into space due to overheating due to a failure in the ship. Although this was not known until 2002, when the truth of his death was revealed. It was previously said that his death was caused by the Soviet Union itself six days after takeoff, as it was running out of oxygen.

Hachiko and the Eternal Wait

One of the most emotional and legendary stories is that of Hachiko , an Akita breed dog that revolutionized the meaning that the world had of the word “loyalty.” His fame is due to the fact that, for ten years, he kept waiting for his master day after day even though he had died . Hachiko Hachiko died in 1935 at Shibuya station, where he was waiting for his master. His story spread throughout the Japanese city, so they decided to make a statue in his honor in recognition of his great loyalty and love, which was displayed at the station where he always waited for his master.

Barry, the Swiss rescuer

Barry was a Saint Bernard dog who became famous in Switzerland for saving forty people lost in the frozen forests during the fourteen years he worked as a rescuer at the Grand Hospice of Saint Bernard. His most famous feat is the rescue of a child in an ice cave: he warmed the child by licking it and then put him on his back and carried him back to the hospice. There are many rumors about Barry's death, it is said that he died in 1816 trying to rescue a person and that he was mortally wounded. Another story says that he was taken to a monastery in Bern and lived his last years there. saint bernard barry His body was delivered to the Natural History Museum in Bern, where he is displayed with great honors for his heroism . Without a doubt, these dogs changed the world's view of canines due to their achievements. Even after his death, some of these stories were captured in films or served as inspiration to create endearing characters.
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