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12 dog breeds that do not shed

12 razas de perros que no sueltan pelo

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For all of us who love having dogs as pets but hate cleaning hair around the house, or simply for whom dog hair causes an allergic reaction, this is a compilation of dog breeds that shed little hair . Although in reality all dogs shed hair, not all do so to the same extent. The so-called hairless breeds, for example, have very short fur that is almost non-existent at first glance. So they can leave hair, but these will not be a problem when cleaning. After all, even humans shed hair.

What to do to reduce hair loss in our dogs

Just because a dog sheds little hair does not mean that it does not require attention and cleaning care, such as a good daily brushing so that the hair remains healthy and does not have knots. Hair shedding in dogs is inevitable , but there are certain things we can do to reduce hair loss. In many cases this is natural and, in others, it is a consequence of poor diet and stress. For this reason, it is vital to ensure that we are providing adequate nutrition. It is equally necessary that the dog is in the best health conditions and that we take care of its coat appropriately and according to its breed.

Facts to keep in mind about short-haired breeds

There are no dogs that do not shed hair, unless it is one that is completely bald such as the xoloitzcuntle or the Chinese crested, which also have some hair or other and only eventually shed it. It is often believed that by choosing a dog with short hair, you will have less hair at home, and this is not the case. Some long-haired breeds shed less hair than some short-haired dogs, if they are well maintained and brushed. The vast majority of hairless or bald dogs come from Latin America. These are sought after, more than for not shedding hair, for the fact that they do not suffer from infestations caused by fleas or ticks . On the other hand, keep in mind that a dog that sheds little hair will not necessarily cease to be a factor that triggers the allergy of people who suffer from it, since this condition is rarely directly related to the coat, but is caused by your dander or saliva. Likewise, we recommend that before adopting a dog as a pet, you consult your trusted doctor about the possibilities that it may cause health conditions such as allergies or asthma.

Dog breeds that shed little hair

Below you will find a small list of dogs that shed little hair and their breed specifications so that you have a better idea when choosing a dog as a pet.


It has fine, short and shiny hair, it very rarely falls out, unless it is due to health problems or if it is not properly maintained. It is usually black with reddish spots.
doberman hair


Although it has a long coat, it grows in the form of a “dreadlock”, which begins to form after two years of age, so the specimens of this breed barely leave traces of hair around the house. Their hair is probably the most original of all dog breeds.
Komondor hair

Shih Tzu

This breed hardly sheds its coat , so its specimens are ideal to have at home, although it is still recommended to brush a Shih Tzu almost every day or at least two or three times a week.
Shih Tzu hair


In its different sizes, this breed of dog has a very beautiful, wavy and hard coat, which makes it very easy to care for and brush. They rarely lose their hair and shed their fur very infrequently. When they experience sudden hair loss it is a sign to be alarmed, because it can be a symptom of poor health.
schanauzer hair

yorkshire terrier

It is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world, since they can weigh only 3 to 5 kilos. In addition to being very cute due to their size and coat, they are very intelligent, elegant and active, which makes them a very peculiar breed.
Yorkshire hair


This breed of dog is found in two varieties: with or without hair. Without a doubt, if you are looking for a breed of dog that does not shed hair, this is your best alternative, since they are completely bald and come in various sizes.
Xoloitzcuintle hair

Lhasa apso

This small dog with a long and very beautiful coat can be a breed that sheds little, as long as you brush him frequently to avoid knots and hair loss.
Lhasa apso coat


If you are looking for a large, playful, friendly pet that sheds little hair, the greyhound is one of the best dog breeds you can choose.
greyhound hair

Dachshund or “ sausage dog

This dog with a long and short body is one of the best options if you prefer dogs that shed little, since due to their short and thick coat they do not usually shed much.
Dachshund hair

boston terrier

In addition to being a small, happy and fun dog, it is a short-haired dog , which makes its care easy. It is also a dog that does not usually give off a bad smell.
boston terrier hair

chinese crested

It is one of the dog breeds that has the least hair and, therefore, sheds the least hair. They only have hair on their legs and head. It is highly sought after in Latin America for its little fur.
chinese crested hair

american terrier

This is also one of the breeds with the least hair you can find and that is why it is one of the most sought after when it comes to not having hair at home. His body can be considered as bald type.
American Terrier coat
We hope you find your ideal pet in this list and can enjoy the company of a puppy without having to worry about the hair it leaves in its wake. You can meet other dog breeds here:
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