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SCHNAUZER | Origin, characteristics and feeding

SCHNAUZER | Origen, características y alimentación

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Among so many canine varieties that exist in the world, we have the schnauzer . Each breed is recognized by some characteristic and this breed is recognized by its particular beard and abundant eyebrows.

If what you want is a medium-sized dog, the schnauzer is the one to be the ideal companion for families with children .

It is an affectionate, friendly, protective and very active breed due to its hunting instinct. In addition, it is a well-known breed that has been crossing borders and is increasingly sought after as companions for both family groups and dog lovers.

  • Medium size .
  • Weight : Between 14 and 20kg.
  • Hair type : medium, hard and thick.
  • Character : Friendly and affectionate.
  • Health : Healthy and strong.
  • Life expectancy : Between 10 and 16 years depending on the type.

History and origin

All dog breeds come from somewhere in the world, in the case of the adorable schnauzers they are born in Germany, in the current city called Wurtemberg . It is a breed that dates back to the 15th and 16th centuries.

Previously they were seen a lot in the stables of houses, hunting rats and mice, for this reason they were classified as rat dogs.

Schnauzers are a very energetic breed , so at that time it was very common to see the dog running around the grounds all day, chasing some of those rodents to hunt them, and in this way keep the houses free of those unpleasant pests.


During the First World War it was very common to see schnauzers among German soldiers, since this breed was characterized by being very intelligent . It was used among members of the Red Cross of the German army to perform the "mail" function, and in this way move medicines or messages from one place to another.

For this reason, it is said that schnauzers discovered new lands outside of Germany, due to many soldiers who fell in love with the breed and took some specimens outside the country, for example to the United Kingdom. And in this way they were raised in new countries and cities around the world.

So it can be said that the schnauzer is a German dog that has currently reached many places in the world and whose breed is very recognized.

Physical characteristics

The schnauzer is a very active dog, he always wants to be burning energy. The most advisable thing, if you do not live in a house but in an apartment, is that you take him out daily so he can burn off energy by running in a free area where he can play, and in this way stay active, something very characteristic of these.

  • His greatest characteristic to identify him is his abundant and pronounced beard, as well as his very bushy eyebrows.
  • There are various sizes of schnauzers, from the miniature size to the giant, but the most common one to see out there is the standard size.
  • His hair is medium, hard and thick.
  • Its common measurements are: the miniature, which does not exceed 35 centimeters, the standard between 45 and 50 centimeters and the giant between 60 and 70 centimeters.
  • Of course, depending on the measurements, there are the ideal weights for each dog. Miniature: its weight should be between 4 and 8 kilos, Standard: between 14 and 20 kilos, and finally the Giant: with a weight between 37 and 45 kilos.
  • Mostly their fur is black and their characteristic goatee or mustache is lighter in color, as are their bushy eyebrows. There are also those with gray tones, one part is a stronger gray tone than the other, which gives the impression that they are gray hair and is the so-called “salt and pepper”
  • His tail is short.
  • The average lifespan of schnauzers is approximately 14 years, so it can be said that it is a dog of average longevity.

Character and personality

Regarding the characteristics of its character and personality, the schnauzer is particularly characterized by:

  • Being a very friendly and affectionate breed, ideal for family groups and even more so if there are children, since they are very playful.
  • Intelligent, they learn very quickly
  • His character is very energetic and always awake.
  • He is always aware of what is always happening in his environment.
  • Very faithful and loyal to its owner .
  • He relates easily to other dogs, so when you take him for a walk you won't have problems with other dogs.
  • It is an ideal breed to feel accompanied, since it is always active and making itself felt throughout the house.
  • If you want him to take care of the home, he is the right one, since he barks when he senses a different activity. If it senses, for example, someone outside the house, in the garden or near the other side of the door, it will bark to announce that a stranger is there.
  • Sometimes you may encounter a moody schnauzer, but usually they are very naughty and friendly.
  • Personality undoubtedly also depends on where you are raised and who educates you.
  • If adults or children bother him, do not expect a very friendly reaction from these dogs, since his dignity does not allow him to forgive attacks.
  • It is a watchdog, so it is always alert to what is happening around it.
  • Because they are a guardian, with their forceful barking, they try to alert their owner of some stranger or irregular situation in their environment.

schnauzer puppies

Like all newborn babies, schnauzers must be cared for so that they grow healthy . You must pay attention to the food that their mother gives them through breastfeeding, and ensure that the entire litter tries to eat the same amount each, since That first month is essential for its growth. If the mother does not give them enough milk, a nutritional plan duly recommended by a veterinarian can be used.

Keep them protected in a place where they have an ideal temperature environment as well as the lighting of the place.

You must understand that the puppy stage of all dogs is about discovering and getting to know each other. That is to say, although they are characterized as a very intelligent breed, it is common for you to surprise them by tearing papers, shoes and many other things with their new teeth.

It is your duty to guide them and scold them when necessary, this way you will educate them to be a very well-behaved dog in the future.

Teach them where they are going to relieve themselves, allocate a place for that, or teach them that they should do it when it is their time to go out.

Like any puppy, he will want to climb on furniture, beds, it is up to you whether you allow him or not.

In the puppy stage is when they should be dewormed and vaccinated. The most important thing is vaccinations, to avoid serious illnesses, which is why it is recommended to visit the veterinarian so that he can assign the dates for his vaccinations.

While he is a puppy, talk to him, so that he begins to recognize the voice of his owners. In the same way, pet him and allow him to smell each member of the family, so that his nose recognizes them.

Food and health

The schnauzer's diet during its first month of life is through breast milk, through which it will receive the vitamins and minerals necessary for the development of its first days.

If the mother for some reason is not supplying enough milk, it is recommended that you consult a veterinarian how the milk can be prepared for the puppies, as there are special preparations for them. Powdered or pasteurized milk for human consumption is not recommended for puppies and can cause diarrhea or other discomfort.

After reaching five months, it is recommended to feed them three times a day with an amount of 250 grams of food. And in this way increase the grams and reduce the number of times a day, until it is only twice a day.

As we all know, the ideal for dogs are the foods that are available in stores specialized in dog food. Created especially for them. These special foods for dogs have varied presentations, designed for each stage of your pet's life.

Like food, you should also be aware of water consumption. It is best to have a full bowl of water for the schnauzer to drink whenever it is thirsty. Because they are a very active and energetic breed, it is common for them to drink water quite frequently.

It is also advisable, from time to time, to make him special meals mixing meat, vegetables or chicken and vary his diet. You should consult your veterinarian about which foods are harmful to these dogs, to avoid allergies and poisoning.

Schnauzer dog care

All dogs need special care. In the case of schnauzers, they also have their own:

  • Comb it at least 3 times a week to remove the few hairs that fall out.
  • Brush his characteristic mustache and check it daily, as he usually gets dirty when he eats, this way you will eliminate food remains.
  • Use special shampoo for the schnauzer's hair type, which is hard hair.
  • Take him regularly to your veterinarian to have his nails cut and shaved, this way he will renew his coat.
  • Allow him to exercise daily, take him for a walk, there are special parks for dogs.
  • Feed it with special foods for these dogs , this way you will avoid stomach upset or allergies on the animal's skin.

Education and training of the schnauzer

All races must be educated and trained to coexist with humans. The schnauzer, being a hunting breed, hyperactive and always energetic, needs to be educated and trained from the time they are puppies . The most advisable thing is at a dog school or with specialists on the subject. Basically, the aspects to take into account for your training are:

  • Reinforce at home, scolding them when necessary, so that they understand that some attitudes are not appropriate.
  • Educate them in the designated place to relieve themselves.
  • Also the times of your meals.
  • A very common way to train them is to give them an order and when they comply, reward them with a special dog biscuit, this way they will be motivated.
  • Reprimand him when necessary, if he bites an object or furniture, this way he will learn that this should not be done and in the future you will avoid having a destructive dog in your home.


The schnauzer is a breed that has appeared in history at all times, such as in times of war, on hunts and in many happy family moments.

If you want to share a few years of your life with a faithful companion, to accompany you at home, to enjoy long walks, don't think about it, adopt a schnauzer , since thanks to its always active personality you will not feel alone.

If you have a family with children, this breed is the right one, since they are very friendly with children, so they will play together, run and each one will enjoy their company.

If you live in an apartment, the best schnauzer for you is the miniature size, ideal for small places, and you can transport it comfortably in the car.

If you live in a house, you can comfortably have a standard size one, where it will run through the gardens and large spaces of the house.

Also because of their hunting nature, you can be sure that your home will remain free of unpleasant pests, such as mice and rats.

Because they are a very attentive breed, they will alert you to something new with their barking.

If you are looking for a loving, friendly and intelligent breed, you don't have to look any further, the schnauzer is the one. And as they say: “ A home where there is a dog is a home with good people .” So allow him to be a member of your family or be your life partner and in this way accompany each other.

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