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Croatian Shepherd - The wonderful qualities and characteristics of this breed

Pastor Croata - Las maravillosas cualidades y características de esta raza

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There are dogs in the canine world that, although they have excellent physical and behavioral characteristics, are not widely recognized outside their country of origin. This, although it gives them a certain exclusivity, also makes them unknown animals to many people and with little chance of being adopted at some point. Just as happens with the Croatian Shepherd Dog .
  • Medium size .
  • Weight : Between 13 and 250kg.
  • Hair type : Curly and long.
  • Character : Intelligent, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Agile, Alert, Sociable
  • Health : Healthy
  • Life expectancy : Between 13 and 14 years.
A dog with wonderful abilities that make it not only exceptional for herding, but a very pleasant companion dog . Although many things are unknown about their beginnings, it is known that these dogs originate from Croatia, where since they were known, they have been used as a herding dog. Uncommon in other countries, these canines have a tireless work spirit making them ideal for life in the countryside. However, their pleasant, balanced and pleasant character also makes them very appropriate as companion canines. Although sometimes, based on its appearance, you might think otherwise. Do you want to know more about the Croatian Shepherd Dog? Be sure to read the following article where we will detail everything you need to know about this incredible dog breed.

Origin of the Croatian Shepherd

As mentioned at the beginning, the history of this sheepdog is little known. Its origin is a topic that has not been established with complete clarity. However, it is presumed that it is one of the oldest breeds that has existed, since by the middle of the 14th century, specimens with the characteristics of today were already recognized. What is clear is that these dogs come from Croatia, a country where from the beginning they were used as herding dogs , where they stood out in a timely manner. Except for their size, there is no differentiation between the dogs of the aforementioned era and those of today. That is, we are talking about the same group.
croatia shepherd breed
The recognition of the Croatian Shepherd officially was a late issue. More than thirty years after its appearance, its acceptance took place. Mainly the Yugoslav Kennel Club was responsible for adopting the first breed standard in 1968. This document was approved by the International Cynological Federation (FCI) a year later, accompanied by the recognition of these dogs as an official breed. Action that was later carried out by the United Kennel Club (UKC) . However, these recognitions were not enough for the dog to be known outside its country of origin. Although their use in herding has decreased, these dogs continue to be suitable as companion animals within Croatia.

Physical characteristics of the Croatian Shepherd

The physical appearance of the Croatian Shepherd gives it a fairly stable physical condition. He has an athletic and well-built body, which is curiously longer than it is tall, giving him a rectangular appearance. His build is robust, formidable and strong, which has given him great agility during his physical development. Let's see more physical details of these dogs:


The weight of Croatian Shepherds has not yet been established within its standard. However, it is estimated that these dogs can easily reach between 14 and 16 kilograms in weight. Which gives it a rather robust appearance . In terms of height, these dogs are between medium and large. At the withers it can measure 40 to 50 centimeters.


Its head has a fine and light appearance. It appears in the shape of a wedge, although it is quite strong. The eyes of this animal are medium-sized and oval, black in color, denoting an innocent, although always attentive look. The ears of the Croatian Shepherd are set high, set in a rectangular shape, moderately visible, erect or semi-erect. As for his nose, it is also medium-sized, black and slightly visible on his face.


The specimens of this breed have an elongated tail set high, thick at the beginning and tapering towards the tip. This is covered by an abundant and thickened layer of hair.


Although it may not seem like it, the coat of these dogs is truly soft . Its structure can vary, so in some cases it can be smooth and, in others, wavy. Another characteristic of this coat is that it can be seen more abundant in some specific areas, such as, for example, on its back. While on the face and legs it is shorter and lighter.
Croatian Shepherd


Although it is unusual as a companion animal today, the character of this breed reflects it as an excellent companion. It is an attentive, intelligent, agile and dynamic dog. For this reason, the job of pastor suited him so well. A fast and coordinated animal, as well as strong enough to endure long days of work. Especially if it involves life in the countryside. These canines prefer to live outdoors, in a large space, where they can get around easily. However, if they are educated properly, they can know how to live in smaller places, as long as they have a frequent number of walks. Regarding coexistence with other animals, Croatian Shepherds are generally not aggressive in the presence of other pets. However, in some cases it may feel uncomfortable with the presence of other dogs, so it is important to adapt it progressively, if there will be more than one pet at home. Now, with children, coexistence is usually more enjoyable, if education is good for the canine, your little one will be able to count on an excellent playmate. In any case, it is important to supervise the activities of both, since the dog can have natural attitudes towards children due to its behavior as a shepherd. They are docile and obedient dogs, so training will not be complicated, much less fruitless, as long as it is done using the appropriate mechanisms.

Croatian Shepherd Training

Training the Croatian Shepherd does not require excessive effort, it simply requires time, perseverance and dedication, as with most pets. It is important to start from an early age of the canine, emphasizing mainly socialization.
train a Croatian Shepherd
It is important that coexistence with other people and animals is put into practice from the dog's growth, in this way its territorial instinct will decrease and it will be receptive in situations in which it has to live with third parties. In general, these dogs do not present behavioral problems unless they are not given the necessary attention. In this case, it is important to note that, like other breeds, they require company and exercise to a great extent; if they do not receive them, they can develop negative behaviors caused by anxiety or depression. Using basic obedience rules in training to adapt it to a routine of exercises, walks and being alone for a few hours will help these dogs maintain physical and mental balance. It is important to emphasize positive reinforcement as a key resource in the training of these specimens. This technique will help establish a relationship of trust between the dog and its guardian, and will provide more effective results in the space.

Croatian Shepherd Health

Although it is an ancient breed, the strong and resistant body of the Croatian Shepherd also gives it a solid state of health and physical condition. In general, these are very healthy dogs that are not affected by hereditary diseases or any other type of pathology. However, in some cases and as a result of the work they do in the field, for example, they can develop knee dislocation and other joint problems. However, this is a very unlikely condition in these dogs today. Despite the good health of the Croatian Shepherd, it is important to maintain different care that will help this dog stay just as healthy. It is necessary to comply with the attention they demand, so we can enjoy their company for 12 to 14 years, which is approximately their life expectancy.


As mentioned recently, these dogs enjoy very good health, however, it is necessary to contribute to this well-being by providing essential care for it. Some of the most basic care:
Croatian Shepherd Dog puppy

Brushing and hygiene

These canines do not require excessive effort to care for their coat. Brushing and combing it at least once a week will be enough. It is important to emphasize that this shepherd loses abundant hair, which is why they are not recommended dogs for allergy sufferers. As for bathing, it is not necessary to do it frequently. In fact, it can be harmful to your skin's natural oils. These dogs should enjoy a good bath when they are really dirty. It can be every two months.

Exercises and company

If there is something that should be paid attention to, it is the amount of exercises and attention offered to our dog. It is therefore necessary to have enough time to give him at least two long walks daily. Additionally, complementing these walks with dog exercises or intelligence games will be very convenient. In this way, not only will your physical well-being be stimulated, but also your mental well-being. The company is a point that should not be neglected, it is necessary, therefore, to spend time during the day with these canines, otherwise they could develop negative behaviors.

Medical care

Consistency in veterinary consultations will be a key factor in keeping our Croatian Shepherd healthy and strong. Compliance with controls, vaccination and deworming schedules will make these dogs a very energetic and stable pet.


Although they have been little-known pets outside their country of origin, the Croatian Shepherd Dog is an exceptional and unique dog that has an ideal temperament to be a recommended companion. His energy, intelligence and agility make him a perfect canine for going for a walk, exercising or simply enjoying activities such as hiking. As if that were not enough, they are animals that do not require excessive care, so the time that you will not invest in it, you can dedicate to keeping them company, as they greatly enjoy sharing with their owners. They are attentive and loyal dogs, so you will never lack a four-legged friend to count on. So, if you have what it takes and you have the opportunity to adopt a specimen of this breed as a pet, do not hesitate, because you will not regret it. Don't miss out on meeting…
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