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Beauceron - Intelligence and energy in one dog

Beauceron - Inteligencia y energía en un solo perro

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Large breed dogs can repeatedly be perceived as a danger due to their strong and intimidating appearance. However, more than once it has been proven that behind that muscular image and large size, an affectionate and energetic dog is hidden, as is the case of the Beauceron breed.
  • Big size .
  • Weight : Between 30 and 70kg.
  • Hair type : Thick, rustic and short.
  • Character: Loyal, protective, energetic, friendly and very collaborative.
  • Health : In good health
  • Life expectancy : Between 10 and 12 years.
A dog of prominent size and well-formed body, which easily resembles the appearance of a Doberman, although it has no relation to that breed. It is a canine of French origin that has been little known outside the borders of this country, but its virtues have earned it the recognition and acceptance of the local community. Intelligent, energetic, attentive and loyal are some of the qualities that characterize the Beauceron's personality, making it, without a doubt, the ideal dog for various activities such as hiking, sports and even herding. Do you want to know more about this breed? Well, this article is intended to know all the details about him. History, character, physical characteristics, the care it requires and even diseases that can affect it. Learn every aspect of this breed and discover if it is a suitable choice to become your new best friend.

History of the Beauceron

As mentioned, around the world, this is not a very recognized breed today. However, in France it has gained the preference of many families for its character and, furthermore, for being of great help at different times. Being one of the most valued dogs in its country of origin, the Bas Rouge or Bauce Shepherd, as it is also known, earned the respect and admiration of French society since its beginnings on the plains of Paris known as La Beauce , for being an excellent guardian, especially in activities such as herding flocks.
Bauce Shepherd
It was considered a descendant of dogs existing in prehistory. However, its first recognition came in 1863, when the division of the sheepdog breeds was carried out. Long hair on one side and short on the other; and another with short hair only, where this dog mainly appeared. After that, in 1893, the Central Canine Society in the same country registered the first specimen of the breed, which led to the founding of the first Beauceron club in 1922. Despite these facts, this breed did not have much popularity in the country, which is why in 1960 a promotional campaign was started to change this situation. It was then when this little friend began to have a space in dog shows and some sports within the country. But these attempts were not enough to make the breed known in other territories in the rest of Europe and the world, where it is still little known.

Physical characteristics

Their physical appearance can undoubtedly be imposing and intimidating to many. It is a large, muscular and rustic animal. However, despite having pronounced dimensions, it does not appear to be a heavy animal; on the contrary, its robust body is harmoniously outlined. Let's look at some details of the physical appearance of this breed:

Weight and size

We are talking about a large breed. These specimens can easily reach 65 and even 70 centimeters in height at the withers in the case of males. And the females from 61 to 68. Being at all times taller than wide, although it is a slight difference that goes unnoticed in most cases.
La Beauce dog
As for weight, there is no defined standard on it so far. But it has been determined that 30 and even 70 kilograms is their common weight, regardless of their sex. That is to say, a fairly robust and muscular breed . It has thick legs with firm treads. On its lower hind limbs, it is characteristic of the breed to have a notable dewclaw.


The skull of this breed is flattened or, in some cases, slightly rounded. Both the top of the head and the snout have a kind of symmetry, connected in parallel. On the other hand, their eyes are always dark in color, either black or hazel, and are positioned horizontally and have an oval appearance. While its nose is black and medium in size. Its snout is strong and pronounced. As for the ears, these dogs can have them hanging or in an upright position but in a very slight shape, they are medium and triangular.


Another unique detail of this breed is that it has a remarkably long and low-set tail, the tip of which ends with a kind of hook, curiously in the shape of a " J ". It is worth noting that the official breed standard prohibits, in principle, amputating its tail, so it keeps it intact as it grows.


Like many breeds, this one has two layers of hair. The external one consists of a thick, rustic and very short coat; while the internal one is more velvety and fine, although denser. The accepted colors for the breed are a combination of black and tan or, in other cases, harlequin color.


Although it is little known as a pet, it is an excellent companion dog . It is a loyal, protective, energetic, friendly and very cooperative animal. He loves to always have something to do. That is why you need constant physical activity to stay healthy and balanced. We are also talking about an intelligent animal , so training will not be a problem in any sense. Although sometimes it appears as a dominant breed, so its training must be patient and consistent. He greatly enjoys the company of his family, and although he remains distant and alert with strangers, once he adapts to living together, he will show his energy and affection to those around him. The presence of other animals is not a difficulty either, since by nature it is very friendly and shares its space with other dogs without a problem.
Beauceron training
Due to his herding work, he is, in most cases, very protective, especially if he perceives that one of his people is in danger, and he will not hesitate to defend him. In a home with children this dog will have a great time, as he loves to play and spend time with his family. In addition, their energy will allow the little ones to stay active with their dog companion. However, it is important to teach children how to treat pets, as the dog may react negatively to some games that it considers to be abuse. These dogs require space to exercise , run and use up all their accumulated energy. Therefore, although they adapt to any space, they prefer to be outdoors. That is why it is recommended that the owners live in an area with a garden to allow them to exercise or, failing that, take frequent walks to keep them physically and emotionally healthy. Dedicating time to walks and activities with these dogs is very necessary. Therefore, evaluate your disposition before adopting a specimen of this breed as a pet.

Education and training

Training the Beauceron is an aspect that will not be complicated. As has been said throughout this text, it is a very intelligent breed and has, like other breeds intended for herding, the ability to adapt to different educational methods to learn various orders. However, it must be emphasized that these dogs do not respond adequately to traditional training nor to abuse, hitting or screaming. On the contrary, these actions can lead the dog to adopt negative, rebellious and even aggressive behavior if it feels attacked.
Bas Rouge
The use of positive reinforcement, motivation and rewarding obedience as a training technique, starting at an early age of life (third week) will allow the dog to forge a balanced, confident and very cooperative character. In addition to this, emphasizing socialization, especially adaptation to its environment, other people and animals, will ensure that the dog can live peacefully with the family. Starting in the first instance with the basic commands of coexistence will accentuate the foundations for later, once you easily handle the basic commands, communication and for your well-being, we can begin to practice other types of training, such as tricks or intelligence games. . The more effort is put into the training and socialization of the Beauceron, the greater the benefits will be in the character and behavior that the dog develops as it grows. He will appear mature and polite.


Beauceron dogs generally enjoy very good health . Their life expectancy can reach up to 12 completely healthy years, but this will also depend on the care provided to the breed, which we will talk about later. However, there are some diseases characteristic of the breed that require frequent attention so that they can be avoided or treated in time, before seriously affecting the dog's health.

Hip dysplasia

Excessive physical activity or performing some bad movement can lead to the appearance of this degenerative disease. Hip dysplasia consists of a malformation that progressively affects the dog's mobility, due to pain and wear and tear of the bone system. Taking care of the time and types of exercises that the canine performs is essential to keep it away from this disease.

gastric torsion

This condition appears in canines when, minutes before performing their exercise routine, they are provided with excess water or food. The dog's digestive system seems to react to this and cause serious alterations that put its well-being and even its life at risk.

Double spur

As highlighted, Beaucerons have a dewclaw on their hind legs, which is prone to being injured while the canine performs some activity. Taking care that this does not happen is essential, so it must be frequently monitored. In some cases, amputation of the spur is necessary to avoid even greater infections. These are the most frequent pathologies that can occur in this dog breed . However, it is possible to avoid them if correct attention and application is paid to the care it requires during its life.

Beauceron care

The Beauceron is a robust, resistant breed, generally accustomed to life in the countryside, outdoors. However, it has the ease of adapting to the city, as long as considerations are taken into account to offer it well-being and a good quality of life.
beauceron puppy
Although they do not require extraordinary care, these dogs require some attention that is part of their daily life , which will also help keep them physically and emotionally balanced. Next, let's see the care it requires throughout its life:


Without a doubt, this is the most important element in the care and maintenance of the breed. The Beauceron is not a pet for sedentary people or people whose lives are so busy that they do not have room for exercise. This dog requires at least three daily walks combined with exercise routines of at least 20 minutes. As if that were not enough, they prefer to live in large spaces, where they have freedom to move and exercise. It is necessary to consider this aspect before adopting a specimen of this breed, otherwise, it could exhibit aggressive and destructive behavior due to stress and lack of exercise.

Vaccination and deworming

Another elementary aspect in the life of the canine is compliance with the vaccination and deworming schedules as well as visits to the veterinarian. This will keep you away from diseases and strengthen your immune system. In addition, you will be able to detect any anomaly in time if the visits are met.


The hygiene of these canines does not require greater demand. The coat, however, must be kept brushed at least twice a week, in this way its loss can be controlled. As for bathing, it is necessary to do it only when the dog is really dirty. A period of 30 days between each bath is sufficient to maintain the shine and protection of its natural coat. Within hygiene, the care of your teeth, ears and eyes is of great importance, in this way the accumulation of dirt that could cause alterations in any of your senses will be avoided.


Although it is defined as an animal intended for herding, the company of a Beauceron breed dog at home is quite pleasant, especially for those who love outdoor activities and exercise frequently. Its energy, attention and sense of protection make it an excellent companion during daily exercise. But also, it is an affectionate, loyal animal that enjoys time with its family. Able to adapt to any environment, as long as they receive the correct education, these dogs coexist very easily with familiar people and other pets, delighting those around them with their charm and intelligence. You can also read articles about other large dog breeds:
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