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The Energetic Australian Shepherd

El Enérgico Pastor Australiano

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The Australian Shepherd is a loyal and affectionate dog, and we can highlight its incredible energy level and its curious hairy and marbled appearance.

  • Size : Medium/Large.
  • Weight : Between 16 and 32kg.
  • Hair type : Straight and long.
  • Character : Intelligent, Affectionate, Good nature, Active, Protective
  • Health : Healthy
  • Life expectancy : Between 13 and 15 years.

They are a beautiful breed to watch, especially when they freely graze entire flocks of sheep. They should be given credit for being both working and competition dogs, even though both parts are essentially different from each other.

The Australian Shepherd has accompanied many families from different contexts and situations for many years. It can be that farm dog that we imagine from cowboy movies, and at the same time, it perfectly plays the role of domestic dog accompanying the average family, and why not? He also does an excellent job being a rescue, search, and help dog.

It seems like there's nothing this dog can't do, maybe staying still is one of those things. How much do you know about the elusive Australian Shepherd? He is undoubtedly very charismatic and friendly, but it never hurts to learn something new about these beautiful dogs.

History of the Australian Shepherd

Despite its name, the Australian Shepherd is a breed born on American soil , they were originally bred to help American ranchers and farmers in herding their livestock, and it is safe to say that some continue to do this work, with such ease that they do not. There is no doubt that they were born to do it. History of the Australian Shepherd However, its name is linked to its origin in other ways. Many theorize that the Australian Shepherd has as ancestors the Collie and several herding dogs that arrived on American soil via Australian import ships in the 1840s, and from there they take their name.

From the beginning it was a hard-working breed with undoubted intelligence. Its versatility made it gain great popularity in the years following the Second World War, where its appearances at rodeos alongside cowboys left the crowds in great amazement, even appearing even in movies and television shows from those years.

Although today he continues to be one of the best friends of ranchers and farmers, the Australian Shepherd has managed to win the love of many families for his bold, energetic, and loyal personality. It is a dog that enjoys attention and staying busy in some activity.

Australian Shepherd Temperament and Personality

The Aussie, as it is also known, is a dog with exorbitant energy. This is why it should be taken into account when adopting one of these energetic dogs that will need hours and hours of a lot of exercise, attention and training.

It is one of those dogs with which a walk around the neighborhood will not be enough to cover its daily exercise quota. In fact, the Australian Shepherd needs at least two hours of good exercise a day to be satisfied. Australian Shepherd Temperament and Personality Like all shepherds, he was originally raised to help with tasks on the farm and his main task was herding sheep. Which he executed, and still executes, to perfection and where he is capable of burning all that extra energy that characterizes him. However, if you are not the type of family with a flock of sheep in the backyard, the Australian Shepherd can still be an ideal dog, they simply need to be given the attention and exercise they need.

Many tricks and activities can be implemented to keep the Aussie, to begin with if you are a person who usually goes out for a run, taking your Shepherd can be a good way to keep him busy, whether running or exercising, as it is a very versatile breed, They learn to do almost anything.

Games like chasing the ball or catching the puck are good for him. If the kids at home play sports like soccer or baseball, the Australian Shepherd will easily help them perfect their ball-throwing skills for hours. They are also good in different areas, not only as domestic, shepherd or competition dogs. The Australian Shepherd will also show great skill as a rescue or search, detection and listening dog, and also makes a fantastic support dog for people with disabilities.

The importance of giving your dog all the training and exercise he needs lies in the destructive behaviors he can develop if his mind is not occupied with other things. Although the Australian Shepherd can be a loyal and calm company, if its specific needs are not met it could become a bored dog with a tendency to bark at everything that approaches it and disturbs it, causing it to develop destructive behaviors. They are highly intelligent and need to use that intelligence in something tangible.

Australian Shepherd Appearance

One of the most striking aspects of the Australian Shepherd is its distinctive appearance. It varies a lot depending on the specimen, although we can recognize it in the same way.

What stands out first are their friendly faces, the shape of their snout makes it seem like they are always smiling, their eyes are always attentive and kind, and demonstrate their great desire to always please their owner. Australian Shepherd Appearance The Australian Shepherd is a medium-sized domestic dog; males can measure between 52 and 58 cm in height , while females range from 46 to 54 cm in height at the withers . Respectively , a male can weigh up to 32kg while females reach 25kg . The color of their eyes also varies, we can see different shades of blue in them as well as brown shades, going up to amber.

There is no specific color that indicates an Australian Shepherd. Some of them may even have a mixture of colors in their eyes, one being blue and the other brown or amber, these combinations can occur in various shades, the most common being blue and brown. In some dogs there is also a combination of colors in the same eye.

As for their coat, there is no set parameter for what Australian Shepherds should look like, as this can vary greatly depending on the breed of the dog, the location, and what type of dog is being bred: shepherd or competition. We usually see a white background of abundant, soft fur, with some spots that vary in size and color and can cover much of the body or just a little. The spots range from black to brown, copper and reddish tones.

All of these characteristics give it a marbled appearance, however, this description does not apply to all of them, because as already said, there is no standardization of what an Australian Shepherd should look like. Taking into account that there are two types of Australian Shepherd, we must highlight that the type of dogs bred for herding tend to be smaller, thinner, and have shorter coats than competition dogs.

These characteristics help them when outdoors, where they can attract dirt and easily get tangled in branches or on themselves. In general, the Australian Shepherd is a loyal, friendly and active dog. It can become the best friend of each member of the family, but it must be taken into account that it is a pet that will need a lot of training and exercise.

All of this can take long hours of effort, however, if achieved, the Australian Shepherd is an excellent choice to be part of many types of families, whether you have a farm, a house or an apartment.

Aussie Welfare


We won't often see an Australian Shepherd who is low on energy or looks sick. In fact, this breed is very healthy, we just have to keep in mind that, like us, they are capable of getting sick and can inherit certain conditions that make them vulnerable. Among the health problems and conditions that can occur are hip dysplasia, a condition that affects the vast majority of dogs.

Their life expectancy ranges between 13 and 15 years of life , as long as we give them all the care and attention they deserve, they could live up to 16 years. They are also sensitive to certain drugs or medications, may suffer from epilepsy, and are especially vulnerable to eye diseases such as cataracts or blindness.

If we believe that our pet may be suffering from any of these diseases, it is best to consult with your veterinarian and he or she will be able to tell us what measures to take to improve our pet's quality of life. Aussie Welfare


Being such a hairy breed of dog, one might think that the care we must give it is exhaustive, although in reality it is not that difficult. Brushing their hair regularly will be enough in this sense to get rid of any dead hair they may have and thus prevent it from ending up on our clothes, sofas and carpets.

The Australian Shepherd sheds its hair twice a year, during spring and autumn, during these times we just have to make sure to brush them more often and bathe them with warm water. The rest is basic care, making sure your nails are not too long.

Brush your teeth at least once a week to prevent infections, check your ears, eyes and skin to make sure there is nothing out of the ordinary. Aside from the medical conditions it could inherit, the Australian Shepherd is a fairly healthy and strong dog . It does not need much aesthetic care, although it does need a lot of exercise to keep its active mind busy.


As with each dog, the amount of food we should provide will depend on its physical build, age, metabolism and also depends on how much energy the dog has (the more energy the more food it needs, compared to those dogs that spend the day lying down. on the couch with their owners). In the case of the Australian Shepherd, it is a dog with an outstanding energy level, yet its body is small, thin and athletic. If we do not feed it properly or provide it with the necessary exercise, it could be susceptible to obesity. Australian Shepherd or Aussie For the Aussie, two well-composed cups of high-quality food per day will be sufficient. It is preferable to feed them this way, in the morning and afternoon and control the amount of food we give them, rather than leaving a supply of food throughout the day. It is a dog that responds well to training if it is given appropriately. If it is used to doing tricks, it will probably work harder if it receives delicious rewards after performing complicated maneuvers.

All the care you give him must correspond to the recommendations of your veterinarian, avoid making decisions lightly that could affect his health. Likewise, keep an eye on compliance with all your vaccines.

Speckled and energetic

Due to its versatility, the Australian Shepherd is one of the best pets we could find today . As it was in its early years, it continues to be one of the best companions for farmers when it comes to herding livestock.

He will be a faithful friend for the family, from the smallest in the house to the oldest, he is always willing to please his owners and always seeks to play and entertain himself. Mottled and energetic From a very young age, the Aussie needs our greatest attention, affection and, above all, our time and patience. If we can understand how his brilliant brain works, we will have gained an infinitely faithful and intelligent friend who will keep us company unconditionally.

The Australian Shepherd has made a long journey, from its ancestors who traveled on ships to the dog we know and love today. He became friends with the ranchers by helping them with the livestock and with various tasks on the farm. He won the hearts of the families, becoming an extremely attentive and accommodating dog.

And not satisfied with all that, she is also a star in beauty shows where she shines both for her charisma and for her marbled beauty. You can read more about the Australian Shepherd here.

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