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Saluki - Discover this appreciated dog breed

Saluki - Descubre esta apreciada raza canina

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Each dog breed has special characteristics and abilities that make it different and allow them to adapt to the preferences of each person. Energetic, fast, elegant, attentive, and many more are the attributes with which the different species of dogs that exist can be classified. Some are well known, while others are not as popular. The Saluki is one of the members of this last group.

  • Big size .
  • Weight : Between 18 and 27kg.
  • Hair type : Long hair or Short hair.
  • Character : Quiet, reserved and peaceful.
  • Health : Tendency to develop different diseases.
  • Life expectancy : 12 to 14 years.

Although it is a dog with formidable qualities, of great physical and emotional appeal, this breed is one of the little known, especially in the West. Due to their notable beauty and elegance, these dogs, originally from the Middle East, have gained popularity in their native territory.

Salukis are considered dogs of honor and a symbol of recognition within their country of origin. They are greyhounds of great speed, which has led them to be classified as excellent for hunting activities. However, like any other canine, they require care and attention from their owners.

Do you want to adopt one of these sighthounds and you still don't know enough about the breed? In this article we will leave the most relevant information related to the breed to help you. History, physical aspects, behavior, health, education and the care required to ensure the well-being of your canine. Don't overlook any details and get ready to adopt your new best friend.

History of the Saluki

The breed of these dogs is one of the oldest that exists in the canine world. It is even suspected that they were one of the first animals to be domesticated . Their origins date back to ancient Egypt, which is why they are also known as the royal dog of Egypt . These greyhounds have stood out for being of great relevance in farming activities since their inception, as their skills made them an excellent choice as a work animal.

On the other hand, hunting has also been one of the strengths of these sighthounds, in addition to being excellent companion animals, that is, people could find different attributes in a single pet, which made it a very graceful dog that It gained popularity easily.

Its extension was notable for the large number of skills that defined it, thus giving rise to other types of races and varieties. Other names that have become known are such as Persian Greyhound or Arabian Hound, among others.

These dogs began to arrive in countries like England around 1840. However, their popularity was not as notable as in their country of origin. Finally, it would be in 1923 when it would be recognized as an official breed, publishing the first standard for these dogs.

Since then its popularity has grown, although not exponentially. To this day it continues to retain its attributes as a hunter and as a companion animal. However, its use is becoming more and more frequent in dog shows, thanks to its beauty and elegance.

Physical Characteristics of the Saluki

Its figure gives the impression of a delicate dog, due to its elegance and beauty. However, it is a strong dog , with a slender and symmetrical body. It has a fine silhouette that gives it a certain aristocratic appearance, but at the same time, this same physical quality gives it great speed and ease of movement.

Its body is taller than it is long and has formidable proportions, athletic par excellence and a reserved character, making it a quite characteristic dog. Some of the most important details of your physical appearance with:

Weight and size

A characteristic aspect of the breed is its size and weight, since the standard itself does not establish specific measurements, highlighting that it can vary depending on the variant. However, estimates are established in relation to size, ranging between 58 and 70 centimeters in height at the withers. In some cases the females are usually smaller than the males.

The same thing happens with weight, and it can be very varied, ranging from 18 to 27 kilos. This indicates that these are not robust dogs. However, they are strong, which is demonstrated by their athletic and well-proportioned body .

It is necessary to strictly maintain this dog breed at its ideal weight, because an exaggerated increase in weight can prevent it from developing normally in its activities and taking full advantage of its abilities.


The head is also attractive at first glance. A strong and hard skull, although thin and wedge-shaped forward. Its eyes are oval-shaped, brown, medium in size. Its ears are long, flat and thin, although covered by abundant and thick fur that can be curious. Set high but falling past the cheeks.

His nose is large, pronounced and black. While its mouth is thin and small, although with strong and sharp teeth, whose pincer-shaped bite makes the process of hunting its prey easier.


The tail of these canines is thin and elongated. Set low, and lightly covered by its fur. It also has a pronounced curve at the tip that can be easily seen.


This breed is characterized by having two variants: long-haired and short-haired. Both canines have the same physical characteristics mentioned above, differing only in the length and abundance of their fur. However, both are soft, silky and manageable, in addition to having the advantage of shedding very little .

Salukis with long and abundant fur can be seen with a type of fringe in specific areas such as the tail and legs. While the one with a smooth and short canvas usually remains slightly uniform. Although in their puppy stage the coat of these canines is usually more prominent than in their adulthood.

Hair colors are also widely varied: white, black, beige, cream, red, tan and gold. In some cases, tricolor combinations or a mixture of several of these colors are accepted.

Saluki Behavior

Just like its beauty, its character is also usually an attractive aspect to consider as a pet . It is a calm, reserved and peaceful dog, but above all intelligent.

Loyalty is a virtue that this dog has developed remarkably. And although he appears to be an independent canine, he greatly appreciates family time and playing with the people closest to his environment, although he is not commonly given to displays of affection.

He is friendly and calm. However, in the presence of strangers, they usually appear quiet and alert, without being aggressive. And although it is a pleasant canine, it is not known for being patient, that is, it is not recommended as a pet in homes with children because its reaction to the behavior of the little ones is unknown.

The same thing happens with the presence of other pets, especially if they are smaller species. We must remember that it has a hunting instinct, which can make it difficult for the dog to adapt to its presence, without awakening in it the desire to chase to go after what it sees as prey.

Within this context, socialization is a topic of great importance, as it is what will determine the character that these canines develop with other people and animals.


As we have already mentioned, this is an intelligent dog, meaning training may not be so complicated. However, dedication to this aspect is transcendental. With adequate education and, above all, socialization, these canines will be able to shape their character in an appropriate and balanced way.

In addition, we must remember that this is an independent canine; sometimes it may consider itself in charge and not obey the orders that its guardian gives it. If necessary, it is advisable to receive the guidance and help of a person with experience in dog training, to know the most appropriate ways to train a dog like this.

Some important tips are not to forget positive reinforcement, most canines respond more favorably to aspects such as recognition, motivation and reward, than to traditional training based on shouting and other techniques.

It is also important that the education and socialization process occurs from an early age, so that the dog develops appropriate behavior from puppyhood to adulthood.

Likewise, the sessions should be short, they should not exceed 20 minutes. In this way the canine will tolerate each of the training without feeling forced or obligated and will respond more effectively to each of them.


Although they are resistant dogs due to their origins in deserts and other hostile environments, this breed has had a tendency to develop different diseases that have considerably affected their well-being.

From eye disorders of different levels of severity, to being canines susceptible to cancer, these dogs can develop, especially in adulthood, this terrible disease.

In addition, it has been discovered that they are one of the few dog breeds that can develop psychosomatic disorders, caused mainly by stress. And they are also prone to developing allergies to medications.

However, with timely care and periodic visits to the veterinarian it is possible to prolong the health of these canines beyond 12 years of life, which is the average longevity best known so far among them.

Saluki Care

Given the considerable list of diseases that can affect the health of the canine, it is important that it maintain a list of basic care by its owners, in this way its health and physical and emotional well-being will remain healthy and its life expectancy will be much longer. of life.

Some of the basic care that this canine requires is based on food, hygiene and exercise. Below we will show each of them in more detail:


Although it is a breed with shiny and silky hair, which sheds little, it is important to regularly brush its coat. At least once every two days will be enough time to maintain the shine of your canvas.

In relation to bathing, it is recommended to do it monthly or when the dog really deserves it. On the other hand, because they are not tolerant of low temperatures, especially those with short hair, it is important to consider this aspect and take the necessary precautions when bathing them during this temperature of the year.


Feeding these canines is just as important as any other care. Due to their fine figure, they do not require a large amount of food per day, but they do need to be provided with quality feed that can provide them with the necessary nutrients to stay healthy and strong.


A high level of energy requires a high level of exercise to maintain proper balance. For this reason, these dogs are not recommended to live in apartments with limited space, since by not having anywhere to release their energy, they will feel limited and may suffer from anxiety due to confinement, or stress, and adopt negative behaviors.

It is important that, in addition to having a considerable space, they receive days of long walks, where they spend at least two hours a day. Days that, complemented with exercises and games, can promote their skills in a positive way.

Saluki vaccination and deworming

The health of the Saluki must be strictly cared for. Therefore, compliance with vaccination and deworming schedules must be very necessary and strictly taken into account.

In addition, visits to the veterinarian should be regular, at least every three to six months. It is important that these steps are considered essential if you want to keep the dog in good health.

To sum up

The Saluki is a pleasant dog for company or for activities such as hunting or long races, this is how this greyhound is defined. Although he is still little known in different countries, his beauty and impetuosity have allowed him to rise in popularity, especially in his country of origin, where he is considered a symbol of honor.

This dog breed has a special character, calm and cautious, combined with a look that reveals elegance and gentleness. However, it is a very self-confident and energetic animal that can reach up to 50 kilometers per hour in a race.

It is important not to get carried away only by the energy and strength of these canines, as they require considerable and important care if you want to prevent them from being affected by different pathologies associated with the breed.

Finally, education is another aspect that should not be missed, since it largely depends on whether our greyhound is a canine with a balanced and calm character.

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