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Azawakh - Learn the most important details of this dog breed

Azawakh - Conoce los detalles más importantes de esta raza de perros

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Choosing a dog among the different existing dog breeds can be somewhat complicated. Even more so, because there are some that are only known in their country of origin, despite having different attributes that make them worthy of recognition. Such is the case of Azawakh .
  • Medium size .
  • Weight : Between 15 and 25kg.
  • Hair type : Short, straight and fine.
  • Character : Reserved, Attentive, Affectionate.
  • Health : Healthy
  • Life expectancy : Between 10 and 12 years.
The Azawakh is a dog breed from the African continent, it has characteristic aspects that make it an exceptional pet , mainly its dynamism and inexhaustible energy, which also allow it to stand out in racing sports and also in hunting. It is a slender animal, with an impetuous character and numerous skills typical of sighthounds like him that its owner should know. It is for this reason that the following article focuses on detailing the most outstanding characteristics of this incredible dog. History, physical appearance, behavior, health, education and the care it requires are the most relevant topics before adopting this or any other pet. Be sure to read the following information and learn in depth everything related to this fascinating dog.

Origin of Azawakh

As we have said, the Azawakh's abilities, which we will mention later, have made it a popular dog in its country of origin, Africa. These canines are presumed to come from the Mali region , an area close to the Sahara Desert. In principle, these canines were included within an African tribe, in which they were used for hunting and surveillance. This is because they innately showed great abilities in speed, vision and camouflage in nature, thanks to their physical characteristics. Initially, hunting consisted of capturing small animals. However, they were advancing in this aspect and including larger creatures such as foxes, jackals and even lions in their hunt. As time went by, it was not only an animal for hunting, but it was also considered a canine of great help in everyday life. That is to say, an excellent companion and pet , since in survival his participation was essential. The care and preservation of the breed became a priority, to the point that the sale of these dogs inside and outside the territory was prohibited because they were considered good luck charms. This is the main reason why the breed has not been as recognized in other parts of the world. In fact, it was not until the mid-1970s when these canines were transferred and known within the European continent, although they have not achieved the same popularity as other greyhounds. However, connoisseurs of this breed place great value on its different qualities.

Physical characteristics

The physical appearance of the Azawakh is very similar to that of the rest of the sighthounds, characterized mainly by its slender and stylized body , which gives it great elegance. Long, thin legs, slim build and a notable height above its length. However, despite being a thin breed, they are known for having great strength, mobility and considerable speed. Which fits perfectly with its build and gives it the possibility of moving agilely whether in search of prey, playing or doing sports.


Next, let's look at some of the aspects related to the physical appearance of the Azawakh.

Azawakh height and weight

As mentioned, it is a dog evidently taller than it is long, its build is thin and fine although formidable and muscular. The females of these canines stand out for having a height between 60 and up to 70 centimeters, combined with a weight of up to 20 kilos. Azawakh males, for their part, have superior measurements: weight is between 20 and 25 kilos, while height averages between 64 and up to 74 centimeters.


Like the rest of its body, the head of this African greyhound has a thin and elongated shape. This gives even more presence and elegance to the breed, in addition to having become a defining aspect of it. These canines have elongated and thin necks, although they look muscular in detail. On the face, its muzzle also stands out, also elongated and slightly straight, forming a thin line that becomes narrower towards its black nose. On the other hand, the eyes are dark in an amber hue, while their ears are flat, triangular in shape, set high and hanging downwards, specifically at the level of their cheeks, which are also flat.


The Azawakh's coat is commonly fine, short, shiny and smooth. This makes it much easier to appreciate your body build. It is an animal with scant fur. In relation to the shades, they can be diverse, including different shades such as light sand or dark fawn. In some specimens it has become normal to find black or white spots, depending on the location. For example, in the breed standard it is normal to find them on the neck.

Azawakh Behavior

In addition to its physical appearance, if there is one detail for which this or any other breed of greyhound stands out, it is for its remarkably dynamic behavior . The energy of these canines is often uncontrollable in some cases. That is why they require not only an experienced owner to control them, but also a lot of physical activity on a daily basis. Dedication to this last aspect is what those who adopt this breed of dog should consider the most. The physical and emotional stability of this breed within your home will largely depend on an adequate exercise routine and other important care. In general, Azawakhs are kind, affectionate and intelligent dogs. However, they are also very independent and highly value their space, in addition to the tranquility that it generates, especially when they eat or rest.


They are considered appropriate dogs for hunting because, together with their speed and agility, they have a great capacity for attention. That is, they are always attentive to any event and remain active much of the time. It is recommended that these dogs remain in open spaces, where they have enough freedom to discharge most of their energy. Otherwise, it is appropriate to have enough time to dedicate to exercise routines and walks outdoors.

Training of the Azawakh

One of the most important aspects in adopting the Azawakh and any other dog breed is its education. Whether the canine becomes a stable and suitable pet to stay at home will largely depend on this aspect. In the case of these specimens, training must begin from an early age . This will ensure that the bases for your behavior are well founded. The first step that must be taken into consideration is, without a doubt, socialization. It is important that while it is a puppy, the animal learns what is necessary to establish bonds with other pets and other people. The third week of life is the appropriate time for the puppy to acquire the necessary practices in this area. In conjunction with socialization, it is essential to take advantage of the first three months of the canine's life to provide guidance on how to relieve itself outside the home and the basic rules within the home. Later, when he has grown more, it is necessary to start taking walks and socializing outside his home, with the environment, and in this way also start practicing the basic obedience commands: walking, running, stopping, among others. Each of these steps will provide balanced and healthy behavior for the canine, as long as they are applied based on positive reinforcement. It is very unlikely that with traditional training, and especially based on shouting or violence, the dog will respond adequately. On the contrary, this and any other breed can respond negatively to these negative stimuli, so they are not recommended in any case. Once you have applied the previous recommendations, it is possible to continue the educational training with more difficult commands and more complex tricks or tasks, which the dog will surely learn easily as long as they are taught correctly.

Azawakh Health

The Azawakh is also characterized by having an optimal state of health. They are recognized as formidable and healthy canines. However, they require, like other breeds, care to ensure good health, as there are some diseases that, although rarely, can be present. Some of them are: Hypothyroidism, heart problems, hip dysplasia , drug allergies, stomach torsion, among others. In many cases, these diseases are difficult to prevent because they have genetic or degenerative causes; however, it is possible that they can be adequately controlled if they are detected in time.


It is important, therefore, to contribute with the care that this dog breed requires to ensure its longevity of up to 13 years.

Azawakh Care

Although we are talking about a largely healthy dog, care is just as necessary for this dog as for any other pet. These details, although simple, are very necessary if you want them to have good physical and emotional health.


Hygiene is one of the most important care that must be provided to these canines. It is therefore necessary that you enjoy one or two hair brushings a week. Like one bath a month, or when strictly necessary. It is important not to repeat the bath frequently, because this will eliminate the natural oils from the skin and cause the canine to lose the shine of its coat.


Without a doubt, one of the essential care for maintaining the well-being of the African greyhound is dedication to an adequate and complete exercise routine. From daily and long walks outdoors, to exercise routines or practicing a sport, it is important to keep these canines always in constant activity . Let us remember that this is a highly energetic animal and exercise is one of the most effective alternatives to control its energy levels. Otherwise, they may suffer from anxiety, stress or adopt destructive behaviors at home.


Complete, balanced and adequate nutrition is another care that must be provided to this breed. It is important to provide adequate amounts of water and food. Just like a quality feed that contributes to the growth and strengthening of the canine in different aspects.

Veterinary care

Visits to the veterinarian represent another important aspect. While it is true that this is a healthy canine, we have mentioned some common diseases that can affect its health in some cases. It is important to check with the veterinarian every 6 months, in combination with deworming and vaccination sessions. In this way, the dog will keep its immune system strengthened.


Although the Azawakh is a little-known dog breed, it is one of the most recommended alternatives as a pet . We are talking about a faithful, friendly, independent, intelligent and very energetic dog, so the company of an active person, accustomed to exercise or hunting, will suit him very well. It is a dog that easily adapts to any context. However, it is advisable to keep him in homes with spaces where he can move freely and have the opportunity to discharge his energy throughout the day. It is important that you have the time and the necessary disposition to offer the Azawakh the care it needs, because although these are not difficult aspects to manage, compliance with them is very important if you want to keep these animals in good health and condition. happy. Learn more about other breeds:
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