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Wellness in dog food

Bienestar en los alimentos para perros

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The well-being provided by a great dog food

Do you know the usefulness of vegetables in your dog's diet? Extracts of green algae and aloe, among others, are gaining more and more recognition for the multiple benefits they provide to the diet.

What do they provide in dog food? What are its virtues?

Spirulina algae

This algae grows in some lakes in tropical regions and was used by the Incas. This is the algae that is especially present in the food of our four-legged companions. Spirulina algae is a microalgae that contains vitamins and minerals in large quantities. It is also rich in essential fatty acids and trace elements. This cocktail of elements has antioxidant and bioregulatory actions, thus promoting healthy, quality hair and providing and improving the strength and vitality of your pet.

aloe vera

In addition to the already known benefits of aloe vera, it also has nutritional benefits and there is a general consensus that it is effective in cleansing the digestive walls and stimulating muscle and joint functions. It contains more than 160 natural active ingredients that significantly improve metabolism, nutrient assimilation and antibody production. Dog Food This is how these vegetables participate in your dog's well-being through their daily diet. You can find high-quality dog ​​food in our specialized store that provides the necessary well-being thanks to elements found in the composition of the dog food.
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