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9 reasons to adopt a cat

9 razones para adoptar un gato

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We always talk about dogs on our blog, and we know for a fact that many of our readers are great animal lovers. Therefore, today we want to talk to you about the 9 best reasons to adopt a cat, taking into account everything that the second most popular pet in our country (and the first in the rest of Europe, according to statistics) can give you.


If you are used to dealing with dogs, the character of a cat will surprise you, and you will experience it in your flesh when you can observe it every day in your home. This is something you have to see for yourself to understand. They say that they are very independent animals, but this is not always the case. In fact, there are dog-cats, who always need to be accompanied and are very affectionate. Others, of course, are more solitary and will not need that dependence on constant social contact that characterizes dogs. You may be hesitant to give them a chance right now, but throughout the article you will see that they have their own way of showing you their love, and you may end up adopting one. Each cat is different, but they all share a great personality and overwhelming charm. Having several types of pets (each unique in its own way) can enrich your family environment and make coexistence much more fun. Having dogs and also cats (each unique in their own way) can be good for children's education.


According to some studies on psychology and cardiovascular health, having a cat could reduce the chances of you having heart problems. As you can see, the purring of a cat while you caress it has a therapeutic effect that relaxes us and makes us feel good. How would you feel if, when you got home stressed from work, you lay down on the couch and your kitten appeared on top of you, purring and kneading you? This is what most cats are like when they are cared for and fed well, and we can attest that it is the best thing in the world. Of course having a cat is relaxing, we don't need a study to know that! Having a cat has its own charm for the most calm and reserved people.


Do you think cats are not as intelligent as dogs? Think again. Our attribution of canine intelligence is due to the ease with which we can train them and how obedient they are. What we do not take into account is that we are unfairly comparing dogs and cats. Dogs are the gregarious animal species that has spent the longest time being domesticated in history, which means that they have been hand-selected to satisfy us. On the other hand, cats have domesticated themselves and are also solitary animals, who only obey if they want or are interested. It has been shown how cats can solve puzzles in any test, if they are motivated enough. This means that they do not usually obey for the sake of it or because they want to satisfy their caregiver, as many dogs would do. The capacity and intelligence are there, and luckily we understand this better and better thanks to science.


Another reason why you should adopt a cat is the peace of mind with which you will live, at least most of the time. In addition to being intelligent animals, they are also very quiet and calm. In fact they have a tendency to sleep 70% of the day. Some older cats can live up to almost 20 hours. Therefore, they are a very calm type of pet, at least on the vast majority of occasions. When you have a cat and you see it sleeping, this can also make you feel more relaxed, since it conveys that tranquility and comfort of home just by watching it stretched out on the couch.


Even though they sleep a lot, when they are awake at home they make themselves noticed. Especially when they are little, they can be very playful or have striking hobbies (like climbing on the door frame) and do very comical stunts, which makes them a perfect candidate to star in the most viral and funniest videos on the entire internet.
It is no coincidence that these adorable pets are one of the most popular searches on the entire internet.

Nice and clean

Why deny it, the beauty of a cat is indescribable! The shapes of their eyes, cheeks and even their fur are beautiful, in any breed of this species. Since they are animals that take very good care of themselves and clean themselves often, their coat is always shiny. When you have a cat, forget about bathing or showering it, because it will do it itself. They don't need as much care as dogs, although that doesn't mean you should stop caring for them and giving them your love.


As part of their instinct, cats have a tendency to look for prey to hunt, even if their stomachs are full. In fact, the regions of the brain destined for hunting have nothing to do with those for searching for food. Simply put, the characteristic movements and noises of their prey become irresistible to them. Thanks to this habitual behavior in them, they can help you get rid of pests and annoying wild animals that are roaming around your garden. No more unwanted rodents, birds and reptiles.

They do their things where they belong

If you know your cat well, you will know that he will always poop and pee in his litter box. For this, it would be important to choose the right place to place it, among other things, but once the cat learns where to do its things, you will stop having surprises in the living room. This is something that does not happen with many dogs, since they are more chaotic and you know that any day you can find a surprise anywhere.

They can be left alone

Another of the best advantages of adopting a cat is that, thanks to its characteristics as a solitary animal, it will have no problem being left alone. If it is young, you may have to take measures at first to avoid accidents, but if it already has some experience and education, you will have a calm pet that will almost never cause damage at home. Remember that a cat also has a series of needs, just like dogs, and that you must cover them well. You must stimulate it and give it a correct diet, like the one we recommend, with Lobo Azul food for cats.
What do you think of these reasons to adopt a cat? Do you dare to give them a chance and add a kitten to your family? We assure you that you will not regret it!
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