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Why does my dog ​​follow me everywhere?

¿Por qué mi perro me sigue a todas partes?

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Have you noticed that your dog follows you everywhere lately? Do you want to know why he does it? Do you want to prevent that from happening? Dogs are not only very sociable animals, but also very loyal to those they consider their owners or part of their family, so if lately you notice that they follow you everywhere, it may be because they see you as a leader or simply because they want to be around. at your side This is no reason to worry. However, there are cases in which a dog's excessive dependence on its owner can become an illness, to the point of causing anxiety in the animal simply by being left alone at home. If you want to know the reasons why your dog follows you everywhere , we invite you to read the following article, where we will explain the reasons for this situation and recommend how to act in response to this fact.

Pure canine love

One of the main reasons why your dog follows you everywhere is because he loves you. Without a doubt, love is what moves the hearts of these animals. So if you notice how he follows you wherever you move, it may be because he loves being close to you, hearing your voice and feeling your caresses.
overdependence on a dog
Dogs are really intelligent and they also have the ability to perceive when a person is good or has bad intentions, so if they follow you everywhere in the house, it is because they love being around you and enjoy it, even if you are not doing anything. nothing special.


If you notice that when you are on the street your dog follows you wherever you go, it is because your company provides him with security, especially in unfamiliar spaces. And inside the house it will be no different. Your pet will stay by your side, because in addition to enjoying your company, you make him feel safe and comfortable . This is why it will follow you everywhere you go in the house.


In addition to love and security, another aspect that drives canines is food. And, without a doubt, this is one of the most prominent reasons why a dog can constantly follow you. Enjoying food scraps that fall on the ground or that you can give them, makes dogs become your loyal followers.
the dog is a social animal
But be careful, not all foods that are eaten by humans can be given to pets but, in some cases, offering them a little of what we eat (in case the dog can eat it) is not bad. And this makes your dog become your most faithful follower.

What should I do to stop my dog ​​from following me?

Probably, in some cases you find it uncomfortable that your dog follows you everywhere and you want to find a way to make him stop doing it. However, we should not think that this behavior is indicative of any disease or disorder. It simply means that your pet wants to spend most of the time with you. If it is because he enjoys your company, because he wants to play or because he feels safe and comfortable, following you is not a problem. On the contrary, depriving your dog of these moments in which he wants to be with you can cause depression or a feeling of loneliness that could possibly end up transforming his character in a negative way or cause episodes of anxiety due to lack of attention.
stop my dog ​​from chasing me
The appropriate thing in this situation is not to prevent your dog from following you, because the limitations you put on the animal could make it feel isolated or deprived of your affection. The most advisable thing would be to prevent this persecution from turning into dependency . This way, you won't have problems when you have to stay home alone. There are some ways in which you can train your dog to control him following you everywhere, let's look at some of them:


Teaching your dog basic commands, such as sit or stay, will help him stop following you at some point. This is why training is considered a key element in a dog's life. And in this case, very appropriate if you want to control that it follows your footprint everywhere.
train dog not to chase
In this aspect of training, positive reinforcement should not be forgotten. Inappropriately forcing your dog to stop following you can cause changes in his behavior. Since this is not what is desired, achieving training through rewards and prizes will be more beneficial and productive for him and for you.

Reinforcement of their socialization

It should never be forgotten that the dog is a social animal , which is why it requires interaction with other animals and, in most cases, with its owners. Therefore, you should not deprive him of your company. However, it is important to keep him in constant socialization and that he can enjoy moments with you playing or simply being by your side.

Another partner

The presence of another animal could be an important element in reducing the fact that your dog follows you. These are used to living in a pack, and by having another companion by their side, they could focus their attention a little more on him than on following you.
Socialization reinforcement

How do you know when this is a problem?

In some cases, having your dog constantly follow you can become a non-beneficial situation. This is because by leaving him alone for some reason, he could feel abandoned and start an episode of anxiety. These cases can be identified since the dog adopts negative behavior in which it causes destruction inside the house, may defecate excessively and even appears sad or cries frequently. The best way to avoid these situations is with adequate training of the canine and promoting socialization, so that it can adapt to those small moments in which you must leave the house and it is left alone without feeling that you abandoned it. Other articles of interest:
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