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The digestibility of dog food: what is it?

La digestibilidad de los piensos para perros: ¿qué es?

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Dog food is your best feeding alternative, although on many occasions they can cause various adverse effects. Below we explain why this situation occurs, how you can detect it and, of course, alternatives to improve your pet's diet.
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Symptoms of poor digestibility in dog food

The symptoms that indicate a digestion problem in your pet are multiple, and although it is difficult to find a definitive indication, the presence of many of these can be an important indicator that measures must be taken.


Nobody knows your dog better than you, and in this sense you are also the person who could first detect a change in attitude and behavior in your pet, which could be an indication of poor digestion , even more so if you have just changed the brand. or composition of their diet. feed digestibility causes If you notice that he has no appetite, that is to say that he hardly eats or eats in smaller quantities than usual, it could be a sign that something is not going well inside him. Likewise, if you suddenly have periods of depression or deep inactivity, it may also be an indication of discomfort in your digestive system, even more so if you register several of the characteristic symptoms.

Effects on the digestive system

If, in addition to the attitude, your dog presents symptoms of direct alteration in its digestive system , you should pay special attention, as it could be an eating disorder. Some symptoms are quite violent, such as sudden vomiting or constant episodes of stools that are softer than usual or even diarrhea. There are other symptoms also linked, although they may be more discreet, for example flatulence or stomach noises, which is why you should be especially attentive and try to spend some time nearby to notice these types of conditions. poor digestion in dogs
It should be noted that not all digestibility problems in dog food manifest themselves directly in the digestive system, in the same way other symptoms such as itching of the skin or ears can also be an indication that there is something that is deteriorating your pet's health. You should also be attentive enough to notice constipation, or even weight loss problems, as these kinds of complications could lead to a bigger problem if they are not resolved in time, and sometimes it can actually be something simple to solve like we will see below.

Causes of poor digestibility

The best way to improve digestibility in your dog is by fighting the direct cause that causes it. Here we present some of the most frequent reasons that generate this type of condition.

dog food

Dog food is often the cause of digestibility problems in hounds, here are some examples that could apply to your case.

Inappropriate for your age

You must keep in mind that the feed must also change as your pet's age advances, perhaps you are giving him the same dog food as always, but it may be that your pet already needs a different type of food, particularly if he is ceasing to be puppy or if it is reaching its senior age. If you have questions, consult the article on how to change your dog's food on our blog. I think age appropriate

Not enough fiber

One of the basic qualities that you must take into account to improve digestibility in your dog is the proportion of fiber, since this is the main factor to regulate its digestive tract, in addition to generating the ideal conditions for the development of beneficial intestinal bacteria. for your body.


Sometimes the problem may just be the consistency of the feed, even more so when you are changing from one to another. If you are sure that it is the right food for your pet , you could help it generate a more pleasant consistency, adding a little warm unsalted chicken broth, for example. Generally, this process is not always required, but it can at least help in the transition period from one feed to another. Remember that it is also important to consider an appropriate size of feed for your pet; the larger the size, the larger the size of the croquettes should also be.
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Any adverse ingredient

Sometimes the problem in digestibility in dog food is in an ingredient that may not be well assimilated by your pet. Remember that just like humans, each canine is different, and therefore could present different degrees of acceptance to different types of dog food . For this reason, natural dog food alternatives are also gaining importance, as they have fewer preservatives and potentially harmful substances for your pet and, although they generally represent a greater investment, the nutritional contribution for your dog is important , since in this way You could also help them in their digestive process with components that are more easily absorbed by their body.

Energy density

Likewise, it is important to verify the concentration of energy that your pet is consuming . In this sense, you can try low-fat dog food, which can offer a lighter load to the work of their digestive tract, which can be important for their rehabilitation. Remember that this type of condition is important to take care of, as it can cause irritation or other problems in the stomach, intestines, as well as the pancreas. Likewise, the problem could generate an excess of bacteria in your body, and although this is often also due to your diet, external factors such as stress should not be so easily ruled out, which is common, for example, if you have just moved. house or your pet has had some sudden change in their way of life.

Tips to improve digestibility in dog food

Improve quality

Of course, the quality of the dog food can be a factor , which is why you can try other alternatives, seeking to consider those that are highly specialized, according to the breed and age of your pet. digestive problems in dogs

Abundant water

Likewise, it is important to always keep a good amount of fresh water available. Consider changing it frequently to keep it clean and attractive. Good hydration is often the factor that allows you to optimize your pet's digestive process .

Balanced diet

Also remember that dogs must eat at specific times to maintain a stable rhythm. Likewise, minimize "treats" or other snacks apart from their food, as this can also affect their digestion. You must also be very careful with binge eating, since an excessive amount of food in a short period of time is also a cause of canine eating disorders . In this sense, it can help you to ration the feed in several feedings a day, but less abundant. balanced canine diet
And don't forget to keep track of his weight to detect any alteration, and don't forget to pay attention to everything he eats, even more so if he goes out freely, because that could be the root of the problem. Finally, remember to consult the symptoms and possible treatments with your veterinarian , who will surely be able to give you some particular recommendation for your pet's case, but with a little effort and care, it is something that can be resolved and help you noticeably improve its quality of life. life.
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