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Hiccups in dogs: causes and solutions

Hipo en perros: causas y soluciones

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As usually occurs in the human species, hiccups in dogs occur spasmodically as a result of certain actions. It is an involuntary reaction that is usually common and not at all dangerous, but, certainly, if it lasts too long, it can become annoying for the puppy or adult dog and exasperating for the animal's owners who observe the scene. That is why today we have compiled interesting information and some practical tips on the causes and solutions of hiccups in dogs so that you can help your puppy when he finds himself in this situation. A healthy diet is beneficial for our pets. At Piensos Lobo Azul we have a catalog of Super Premium feeds, where you can find the reference that best suits the needs of our dog, for example Lamb feed for adults and Lamb feed for adults. Puppy Sensitive for puppies.


What is hiccups?

The official definition is that it is a compulsive and involuntary contraction of the diaphragm , which is repeated at more or less regular intervals, which forces the lungs to expel air in a sudden and jerky manner. Its name comes from the characteristic sound of the expulsion of air, which sounds like “ Hip-Hip ”. It is normal in all mammalian animal species, therefore, hiccups in dogs are quite common .

hiccups in dogs

Causes of hiccups in dogs

The causes of hiccups in dogs can be various and of different nature, and to solve the problem or avoid it, we must know these causes:
  1. Drink water or eat very quickly . When the dog eats very quickly, it ingests excess air along with the food, and that air begins to come out when digestion begins, which usually happens in two ways: with flatulence or with hiccups. Avoid this by teaching your dog to eat more slowly and dividing his food portion into 6 small portions that you will deliver 40 seconds apart.
  2. Excess cold . To rest, dogs need a warm and comfortable space that helps them maintain their body temperature. Of course, very small breed dogs are usually the most affected by this cause and are the ones with whom you have to be most careful in the cold seasons of the year.
  3. Anxiety, nerves, fear . There are certain circumstances that can cause discomfort and shock to your dog, and even scare him, and this triggers an episode of hiccups. Then try to verify what situation causes you nerves, stress or fear, and try to eliminate it so that you improve your mood and behavior.
  4. Stomach disorders . The stomach is usually responsible for the dog's body rejecting some foods. Knowing if you have eaten any harmful or expired food, you can act accordingly and visit the veterinarian in a timely manner.
hiccups in puppies

How can I get rid of hiccups in dogs?

This is usually a common question and has a very simple answer. Depending on the cause of hiccups in dogs, there are some very practical solutions that do not require the intervention of a veterinarian. In reality, hiccups are harmless and usually do not last much more than two hours in their most acute cases. It really usually disappears on its own, but if you notice that your dog is very uncomfortable, you can intervene, because puppies can actually have panic attacks when they feel the repetitive spasms.
  • Stand out . The trick of scaring them like with people does not work, but it is valid to try to make them change their breathing pattern by making them run or play with a ball or any physical activity.
  • Give him something to eat or drink . It fulfills the same function as the previous one, it allows the breathing pattern to change, and thus make the hiccups disappear.
  • Give him a bath . It is well known that many dogs are not fond of baths, and this alteration of their routine will serve as a distraction, making the dog tired and the body forgetting about the involuntary hiccup reflex.
  • Wrap it up . In case it is hiccups due to cold, the first thing you need to do is wrap it up to make it recover its body heat to an adequate level, and from there, the spasm will soon disappear.
dog hiccups

It's bad? At what point should we start worrying?

As we mentioned previously, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to hiccups in dogs when they appear occasionally. These involuntary spasms usually disappear within minutes or, at the latest, after a couple of hours without leaving any type of sequelae in the pet. It can affect all types of breeds such as Bobtail and Czechoslovakian Wolf . Now, when the hiccups are persistent, last more than a couple of hours and are accompanied by other symptoms such as a change in behavior, then it may be a good idea to go to your trusted veterinarian so that he can analyze whether it is some kind of respiratory or digestive disturbance.
hiccups in puppies
You can dedicate yourself to observing your puppy and measuring the time and intervening according to the recommendations given, only in case the hiccups last for more than two hours, otherwise, you can relax because there is nothing to be alarmed about. This condition is not serious, but monitor your pet to prevent othermore important disorders such as kennel cough or leishmania disease .

Hiccups May Have Some Advantages

Although it seems like a problem, hiccups in dogs can be advantageous, since it helps the animal release gases accumulated in the stomach, freeing the esophagus from possible irritation and allowing the coordination of the nerves that control diaphragmatic movement to recover. Enjoy the moment! Yes, your concern is really understandable, but if you have determined that it is not a digestive disorder, you can dedicate yourself to enjoying the moment with your pet, playing with him and making him forget about the hiccups, since in fact puppies tend to be much more adorable during the minutes they last suffering from involuntary spasms.
hiccups in dogs
Hiccups in dogs, in general, do not usually represent a health problem about which we should worry too much, because it is not really a sign of any serious illness. In most cases it disappears within minutes, but it is important that you pay attention to the causes so that you try to avoid them as much as possible to improve the daily life of your canine pets.
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