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Gordon Setter - Discover his personality and distinguished appearance

Gordon Setter - Descubre su personalidad y apariencia distinguida

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Within the wide variety of dog breeds that exist, it can be difficult to choose a pet that suits our tastes and needs. That is why knowing our potential canine friend before adopting him is the best option so as not to believe that we made a mistake when choosing him. Therefore, we present to you the Gordon Setter

  • Big size .
  • Weight : Between 26 and 30kg.
  • Hair type : Abundant.
  • Character : Docile, obedient and also very calm.
  • Health : Prominent and adequate health
  • Life expectancy : Between 10 and 12 years.

There are multiple characteristics that can define the behavior and appearance of a pet. Generally, its qualities are the ones that stand out the most, in combination with its physical appearance, which is the first impression of the dog. In this case, the Gordon Setter usually stands out for both aspects.

A dog breed recognized for its innate abilities as a hunting dog, but also for its attractive black coat with tan spots, which give an image of distinction and elegance to these dogs.

Surely, as you learn more about this animal, you will have no doubt that it is the pet you need to keep you company, go hunting or simply take walks in the park. That is why in this article we will talk about everything you need to know about this beautiful dog breed.

History of the Gordon Setter

The exact origin of the Scottish Setter has not yet been clearly determined. However, there are details about its beginnings that allow us to know the origin of this very special canine.

Although there is evidence of the existence of these dogs at the beginning of the 17th century, it is not until the following century that the setter begins to become known, although not with the current name. It was thanks to the influence that Duke Alexander Gordon had in the creation of the breed.

The crossing between a Bloodhound and a Collie was what gave way to the first canines of this species being born. The breed name was designated around 1924, when the British Kennel Club independently granted recognition to the breed. Before that, they were only known as Setter , and there were only three classes.

As time progressed, the Setter gained popularity in Scotland , its country of origin, given its notable hunting skills and, furthermore, for becoming an excellent ally and companion animal.

On the other hand, his beauty did not go unnoticed, and he began his participation in various exhibitions in which his coat and other attributes of intelligence and obedience came to light with complete ease, making him even more recognized.

In the United States, it began to become popular around 1842. While in places like Australia, it was not until 1865, where it was titled as the best Setter . His abilities never ceased to surprise and make him a special canine.

In 1889 the Canadian Kennel Club officially received the Gordon. While in 91 the Gordon Setter Club of America was created and a year later the American Kennel Club received these prestigious dogs into its society.

All these steps have caused this to be an animal of renown and recognition. It remains among one of the most distinguished and preferred breeds in different countries around the world, especially for hunting lovers.

Physical Characteristics of the Gordon Setter

Its appearance reveals a harmoniously formed creature. An athletic body but with a touch of elegance characteristic of the breed. He has formidable muscles. His height is between medium and large.

Its legs and legs are thin but well formed. While her hips are characterized by being wide.

Let's look at some of the most notable traits of the Gordon Setter:

Height and weight

The height of these canines does not usually exceed 66 centimeters at the withers in the case of males. Meanwhile, females reach up to 62 centimeters at the withers.

In relation to weight, males can reach between 29 and 30 kilograms. For their part, females do not exceed 26 kilos in weight, according to the standard published by the International Cynological Federation (FCI).


Its head is characteristic for being flat and well formed. Noticeably thickened and oval in shape. Their eyes are large, hazel-shaped, and usually dark in color.

In relation to its nose, it is black and pronounced. Its snout is long, with a strong scissor-shaped jaw and bite. The ears of this canine are thin and medium-sized, set low, and also covered with abundant, smooth fur.


The Gordon Setter's tail, on the other hand, is medium in size, curled slightly towards the tip, where it looks thin, while at the base it is a little thicker.


Although there are other aspects, the coat is one of the most notable attributes of this dog breed . In principle, this particularity is due to the fact that in areas such as the ears, legs and head, it is short, thin and silky. While in the rest of his body you can see how abundant and long his hair is, a little coarser.

The color is another characteristic aspect, as it comes in black and shiny, or black with flame-colored flashes in some parts of its body such as the snout, legs and tail.


In addition to being a physically privileged pet, the Gordon's temperament is, without a doubt, another of its most notable attributes. We are talking about a canine with docile, obedient and also very calm behavior .

This breed stands out in many cases for its intelligence , loyalty and independence that make it an excellent canine as a companion animal. It also has an innate ability to adapt to any environment, so staying in large or small spaces will not affect its behavior.

His beauty has allowed him to stand out as a notable show dog. However, its levels of intelligence, obedience and docility have also made it a pet with great favoritism in society.

As a good hunting or guard dog, the most common activities in which this dog performs stand out favorably, as it always remains attentive and ready to react if it sees any danger.

The issue of coexistence is not a problem, however, it is important to accurately apply socialization to these dogs, as they tend to be reserved and stubborn in the presence of strangers. With other animals, for their part, these canines can fuel their hunting instinct, especially if they are smaller pets.

It is important to consider these aspects to avoid attacking on occasions where it is not necessary and starting a chase incorrectly. Socialization will be essential if we want our dog to be a balanced and friendly pet with other animals.

Gordon Setter Training

Education is a simple topic, although it is equally important. Because it is an intelligent and obedient canine , it will be very easy to train it. However, it must be a constant and appropriate process if you want to obtain favorable results in their behavior.

The first thing to consider is that education must be carried out from the first weeks of life. From approximately the third week after its birth, the canine must receive the first training to strengthen its behavior.

Once you are due for vaccinations and deworming, you can come into contact with the outside world. It is at that moment, after 3 months, when it is necessary to start with the basic orders for his upbringing and behavior.

In addition to starting the first steps in socialization, from where you can learn to interact with strangers and other animals in the appropriate way.

Positive reinforcement will always be the appropriate option to define the behavior of these canines. Let us remember that these are very independent animals and that they can be a little stubborn, so traditional training techniques may not have the appropriate effect.

The best thing will be to establish a relationship of trust and comfort with our pet and in this way ensure that it will obey the commands in a pleasant way and memorize them easily.

Gordon Setter Health

Like most hunting breeds, the Gordon Setter is generally in good and adequate health. Their life expectancy can reach 12 to 14 years, so you could enjoy good company for a long time if proper care is provided.

However, there are diseases that, although not hereditary, can affect the breed from mild to severe, depending in many cases on the care given to the canines. Among them we can find: hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism and elbow dysplasia.

In some cases, there may be allergies that affect this canine, however they do not represent a major danger. Although with proper care, these allergies can be prevented in a timely manner and thus guarantee the dog's health.


As mentioned previously, this is a healthy and strong dog . However, the care that must be provided will significantly contribute to maintaining this health properly and extending your life expectancy for as long as possible.


Although it is not one of the most demanding aspects in the care of the Setter, it is really important to take care of the diet of this breed. Firstly, to prevent a process of weight gain from triggering and leading to obesity abruptly.

And, secondly, it is important that this canine receives quality food, because this will help maintain its energy, prevent the appearance of food allergies and, in addition, will help maintain the beauty and natural shine of its coat.


Although it does not require exaggerated amounts of exercise, it does require at least two walks a day to stay in shape and release the energy accumulated in its body. Even more so if you live in small spaces like an apartment.

It is necessary to consider carrying out activities such as dog sports or, in other cases, increasing walks to three a day. Let's remember that this is a hunting dog and loves to be in wide spaces and be able to run freely. Although you will have no problem living in apartments if you get the amount of exercise you need.

Bath and hygiene

Their beautiful coat also requires important care, although nothing exaggerated. Weekly brushing will be appropriate to eliminate dull and lifeless hair from your body. It will also help the canine avoid knots in its hair.

The bath will be necessary only when he receives an excessive amount of exercises and in which he has become sufficiently dirty. Otherwise, one bath a month will be enough to keep it well cared for. Excessive baths can cause the canine to lose the natural oils in its hair.


Although it is a largely independent dog, it still needs the company and attention of its owners. It is necessary that the dog feels accompanied much of the time, otherwise it could develop inappropriate behaviors such as anxiety problems, among other disorders.

Deworming and vaccination

Medical check-ups, deworming and vaccination are really essential to guarantee the health of our canine. It is a healthy dog, but it will need these aspects to maintain its physical balance.

Following medical guidelines and controls is the best way to ensure that the canine remains well cared for.

Gordon Setter Conclusions

The Gordon Setter is one of the most complete and recommended pets . Family coexistence and socialization with other animals will be an issue that needs to be worked on. However, it will not cause any major problems, since it is also an intelligent and docile dog.

It is important to have the time to carry out adequate education and also to provide the necessary care that this breed deserves. Only in this way will it be possible to maintain your physical and emotional well-being.

Enjoying the company of this beautiful canine will be fun and very pleasant, just make sure you have the time and dedication necessary for your canine to be happy and fill you with the best moments with him.

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