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Care for your dog's pads

Cuidados para las almohadillas de tu perro

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Comprehensive care of every pet is an essential issue to guarantee its health and well-being. From the physical to the emotional aspect, giving your four-legged companion timely attention will allow him to grow strong and healthy.

dog pads

However, within the hygiene provided to the dog, in most cases, the care of its pads is usually left aside. An aspect that, although it is not very taken into account, is of great importance, because they keep the canine paws protected.

But how do I take care of my dog's pads ? This question is very common among people who have a four-legged friend. Therefore, in this article we will focus on describing the care that canine pads require to stay healthy and provide protection to our best friend.

What are our dog's pads for?

Before talking about the care that this part of the legs needs, we must know what its function is in our pet's body. This will make us aware of their importance and the benefits it will bring to the dog if we keep them properly protected.

Referring to the dog's pads is as if we were talking about the palms of our hands or the soles of our feet. The main function of these is, in addition to maintaining the dog's balance, to support the weight of its body without the legs suffering major damage, especially in large breed dogs.

paw pads

During our dogs' walks, hikes or exercises, these serve as shock absorbers, preventing the legs from being abused by the weight and pressure exerted in these movements.

Although all this shows that dogs' paws are one of the most resistant parts of their body , they can become injured, cracked and even bleed. Climate changes also tend to affect them. That is why knowing the care they need and complying with it properly will allow them to remain in their usual form and continue protecting our dog.

What can affect dogs' paw pads?

From dryness to burns, wounds and punctures, dogs are prone to different conditions in their paws. Let's look at some of the most common ones below:


It consists of an excessive accumulation of keratin in the outer layers of the skin. This thickening occurs especially in dogs that suffer from obesity. The appearance of this condition requires veterinary guidance to alleviate the ailments it may cause to canines.

Dryness and cracks

In very heavy dogs, which also have hyperkeratosis, it is common to notice the presence of cracks and lack of hydration in the paws. This requires more common treatments aimed at moisturizing dogs' skin and keeping them crack-free.

canine pads

Cuts and burns

It may also happen that, when stepping, the dog cuts himself on some object, or if the ground is very hot, he burns his “feet”, which would cause injuries to that part of the skin.

There are also cases in which the dog can be attacked in that area by another animal, or step on some thorns or glass, and this can cause some injuries. However, all of these injuries can be prevented with proper care and treatment.


Asphalt represents one of the biggest causes of wounds in canine pads , even more so when the animal passes through these spaces constantly. Producing dryness and even cracks or burns due to high temperatures. Avoid, as far as possible, your pet walking on it for long periods of time.

How should a dog's pads be cared for?

Within this topic, there are different alternatives and strategies to keep dogs' pads well cared for. Both the practices carried out by the owners, as well as natural and topical products special for canines, can work if you want to keep this area of ​​the body in perfect condition for the dog's well-being.

dog paw care

Let's look at some alternatives and products that can be used:

Alternate walks

A very practical way to combat the damage caused by asphalt to the dog's paws is to alternate walks in different spaces . This will allow the canine to progressively adapt to walking on asphalt, in this way its “feet” will become resistant to this ground and will not suffer as much damage.

Constant review

After each walk with the canine, it is important to carefully check its paws to rule out the existence of wounds or any sharp objects embedded in them.

Use of booties

If the dog is going to be exposed to asphalt or other soils in high temperatures, the use of booties is recommended. In this way, the risk of burns or cuts, among others, will be reduced.

In these cases the canine must progressively adapt to the use of booties .

Check the area

Making sure that the space where we are going to release the dog or where it walks and plays is free of risky objects is equally important to avoid injuries of any kind to its legs.

Hydration and cleansing

The hydration and hygiene of canine pads is an important factor in the well-being of any pet .

First of all, the use of creams that help to continuously hydrate the aforementioned area will keep them soft and help prevent the formation of cracks.

cleaning dog paws

It is important to highlight that moisturizing creams should be exclusively for use on animals. You cannot apply a cream for human use, since the pH of dogs is totally different and they may have an allergic reaction to human products.

Complementary to hydration is hygiene. In these cases it is important to continually check the pads to remove any dirt that may accumulate on them.

Likewise, carrying out baths according to the needs of the pets, also removing excess hair around the paws.

Natural products

The application of some natural products such as aloe vera are of great benefit for hydration and healing of wounds in the canine pads.

care for dog pads

It will be enough to apply a small amount once a day to these areas and wait for it to be absorbed, making sure that the dog does not lick its paws while they are wet, since aloe vera, despite its multiple benefits for the skin, may contain some elements that They are harmful for canine consumption.

To sum up

As we have seen throughout this text, there are different ways to keep our pets' pads cared for and healthy, without requiring great effort, just dedication and attention to the well-being of man's best friend.

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