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What happens if the dog eats the cat's food?

¿Qué pasa si el perro se come la comida del gato?

Lobo Azul |

Let's see why the dog should not eat cat food. Who lives with a dog and a cat often has a problem: convincing the dog not to eat the cat's food. The problem is that, on average, the dog is greedier, the cat has a habit of eating little and often, and many times the food remains in the container: the dog can thus find extra food and eat as much as it can. There are dogs that always go to the cat's bowl to get their food even if it is not full since they have a very developed sense of smell. If they have this habit they can end up eating double their portion on many occasions.

What's wrong with my dog?

First we must understand that the cat is not a small dog: there are parameters in its physiology and anatomy that are completely different. This implies that nutritional requirements are different. What owners don't always understand, in fact, sometimes they can't even understand the fact that cats and dogs not only have different nutritional needs from each other, but they also have different nutritional needs from humans. This means there is a reason why commercial dog and cat diets have different formulations. All this means that the dog should not eat the cat's food. dog-and-cat eating If the dog eats a kibble of cat food just once, nothing happens, as long as the dog in question does not have any allergic disease, skin, intestinal and particularly pancreatic diseases. In this case, any food that is different from your specific dog food can cause the symptoms of these ailments to appear. However, if the dog eats cat food every day, even a small amount, it becomes problematic in the long run. This is because cat food has a higher amount of protein than dog food. On the other hand, the cat is a carnivorous animal, while the dog is an omnivore that tends to be carnivorous. This increased protein load repeated throughout the days can cause problems both in the intestinal tract and, above all, in the kidney. In addition to the fact that the minerals and vitamins are formulated for cats and therefore are not in line with dog food.

To do?

First of all, you have to teach the dog not to eat anything that is around and on the ground. This is a fundamental point in the education that each owner must teach their dog: having a dog does not mean giving it just love, it means educating and giving love. If you can't stop the dog from eating the cat food, you can try feeding them in separate rooms, but the problem here is that the cat likes to eat little and often from its bowl, so in fact, the problem would persist. The other alternative is to take advantage of the feline's agility: Place the container in a higher place that the cat can easily access, but that cannot be reached by the dog.
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