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Advantages of adopting an adult dog

Ventajas de adoptar un perro adulto

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Adopting a new pet is a process that not only entails responsibility and commitment, but also a great amount of love and fun that the new member of the family can offer to those around them. Choosing the right companion can be a bit difficult, even more so if it is a puppy, whose behavior or health may be uncertain. However, when it comes to an adult dog, the story is different. Adopting an adult dog allows the person to choose a dog that meets their expectations, since they already have a formed character and adaptation to a new home can be faster than in the case of a puppy.
adopt an adult dog
There are different reasons why adopting an adult dog is actually highly recommended today. However, there are those who still do not know about this issue and do not adopt an older dog because they consider it inappropriate. To eliminate this false belief, in this article we will show you the advantages of adopting an adult dog, this way you will convince yourself that one of these dogs is the ideal companion for you.

Why adopt an adult dog?

In general, those looking to adopt a new pet lean towards puppies, in most cases, due to ignorance about the advantages that come with adopting an adult canine . Before getting into the matter, it is important to explain that a dog is considered an adult when it reaches 7 years of age, or perhaps nine, because some dog breeds take a little longer to reach maturity. In this case, we will talk about dogs 5 years old and older and we will highlight the benefits of adopting them from this age.

You know his personality

One of the most notable advantages of adopting an adult dog is that you have the option of knowing the temperament of the canine you like, and you can adopt one that meets your expectations of a pet.
know the temperament of the canine
It will not be surprising for you, since already in adulthood the dog has an established behavior, and it will depend on you if this fits what you are looking for in a pet before adopting it. In the case of puppies it is different, because it is not possible to determine what temperament they will develop later.

They socialize more easily

Adult dogs have generally already had training focused on socialization, as this is one of the first aspects that canines are commonly taught, and is, in part, the basis of their behavior. In the case of an adult dog, this stage will already be over, and due to its maturity the process of socialization with other people and animals will be much easier .

Less training

In addition to socialization, training is also a stage practically surpassed by adult dogs . Although it is always important to maintain training, in the case of older dogs it is not as rigorous as in a puppy.
adoption of an adult dog
Learning basic commands, such as sitting, lying on the ground, walking with its owner, among others, are generally already learned in the maturity stage, and it will be much simpler to concentrate energy on other things.

They are excellent companions

Outdoor activities, exercising or simply taking a long walk, are activities that you can do with an adult dog without any problem, because assuming they have had previous training, adult dogs will enjoy these routines at your side, without the risk of going out. running suddenly or acting inappropriately.
adopt older dog

Already established habits

Adult dogs also already have established habits , such as relieving themselves outside the home or in a specific place designated for that purpose, and not biting furniture or objects inside the home. This is very advantageous, as you will avoid damage inside your house.

They are more balanced

Due to their adulthood, dogs may be more balanced and, therefore, their energy will be more manageable, which is very beneficial for homes with children.
less training
Although it is true that not all breeds are recommended for a home where there are little ones, adult dogs tend to be more focused, they have passed the biting stage and this is favorable because it reduces the risk of them doing so with children. The adaptation of an adult dog to its new life is easier than that of a puppy.

You will gain a loyal companion

If you will, this is the most important advantage. And by adopting an adult dog, you will not only have the aforementioned benefits, but you will also gain the loyalty of a companion for life . Giving a canine that was abandoned, due to ignorance or simply not wanting to have that responsibility, a new home will make this pet your faithful companion always, you will earn its love and a friend who will not abandon you at any time. . Without a doubt, there are plenty of reasons to adopt an adult dog. It is important when making this decision to obtain the guidance of a volunteer from the place where the adoption will take place. These people, better than anyone else, can provide information about the dogs in their care. One recommendation is to take a walk with the dog and a volunteer, so you can learn more about the canine's behavior and decide if it really is the best friend that suits what you want in a pet. Surely you are also interested in:
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