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Can dogs predict earthquakes?

¿Pueden los perros predecir terremotos?

Lobo Azul |

Dogs are recognized as one of the best pets around the world. Depending on the breed, they have different abilities that in many cases have led them to gain not only popularity, but also the affection of many people. Loyalty, companionship, heroism, bravery, protection and many more qualities are used to characterize the abilities displayed by these animals classified as man's best friend . But what would you think if I told you that dogs can predict earthquakes too? Although it may seem crazy, these four-legged friends have the peculiar ability to sense the threat of a seismic movement. Do you want to know how it is possible? Be sure to read the following article, where we will not only justify this fact, but also explain how dogs handle the ability to predict an earthquake.

Predicting earthquake: canine skill?

Although it is still not very credible, the ability of dogs to predict these natural disasters is not an isolated fact, much less novel. Throughout history, institutions such as NASA have carried out studies to show that there is a great diversity of animals that can predict earthquakes , even a few days before they happen.
ability to predict earthquake
In addition to this, there are recorded facts that reinforce this theory. One of the most notable was in 1975, in a community in China, where around a million snakes fled their habitat almost thirty days before a strong earthquake devastated the place. Similar scenarios were evident in Indonesia, where animals were able to predict a natural disaster in advance and flee the scene. Although the role of dogs in predicting an earthquake has not been scientifically determined, the ability that these animals have in this matter is not denied. This is demonstrated not only by the behavior they adopt in the face of the threat, but also by their need to seek protection for themselves and their loved ones.

Sixth Sense?

Surely you are wondering how is it possible that a dog can predict earthquakes and a human cannot? Although it seems that the dog has a sense that a person has not been able to develop, the answer to this question is not complicated at all. Before an earthquake occurs, the earth presents a series of changes that a person probably cannot perceive at first glance.
dog warns of earthquake
Dogs, like other animals, however, can sense some of these changes, allowing them to warn of an approaching earthquake. For example: the vibrations prior to an earthquake generally cause alterations in the chemical composition of sea water. In many cases, these alterations are harmful to the health of the animals, forcing them to look for another place to live. The sudden forced migration of animals can represent the warning of a natural threat.

How do they do that?

The mechanism used by dogs to predict earthquakes is something that has not been studied in depth to date. However, some research has shown that it is a process given through the development of the senses. Although man's best friend does not have the ability to perceive the natural threat days before it happens, minutes and even hours before the tremor occurs, the canine is capable of noticing the changes that the earth's layer presents prior to the event.
dogs help prevent earthquakes
However, this has not stopped dogs from being used as a very effective and popular tool to determine the presence of earthquakes. In fact, in countries like China and Japan, dogs and other animals support technological machines in detecting earthquakes, which has helped save lives and prevent material losses . The detection of electrostatic charges, accompanied by their ability to perceive high-frequency sounds that are difficult to detect by the human ear, are, according to studies, the abilities that canines possess to anticipate the presence of an earthquake. That is, it is a broader development of the senses of smell and hearing, which allow these animals to predict minutes, and even a couple of hours in advance, the threat that an earthquake means to society, especially if This is an earthquake above 6 on the Richter scale.

Dog behavior before an earthquake

Although dogs perceive earthquakes moments before they happen , dogs do not keep the information, but instead try to alert their owners through different actions. First of all, these animals usually appear nervous when faced with this natural event, they show restlessness in their movements accompanied by incessant barking. This may be the dog's way of trying to communicate that an earthquake is approaching.
dogs sense earthquakes
Secondly, searching for a safe place to take refuge is another common action that canines perform when an earthquake approaches. So, if you notice any of these changes in the canine's behavior, it is better to pay attention, as it is likely that they are trying to warn about the arrival of an earthquake in the next few minutes and it is advisable to take shelter in a safe space. In any case, the presence of a dog will not only ensure the company, love and loyalty of what is described as man's best friend , but you will also get an animal that could warn of the approach of an earthquake and contribute to protect yourself from these natural events. What better combination than this in a single pet? More curiosities that may interest you:
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