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Why adopt a dog?

¿Por qué adoptar un perro?

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Having a dog implies great responsibility and commitment in all circumstances. It is very common to compare the arrival of a puppy home with the arrival of another member of the family, especially with children, since it is a being that requires food, basic care and, above all, a lot of affection. However, there are currently people who take this issue lightly and decide to acquire a pet from a very young age. It is throughout living with the dog that they discover the level of commitment assumed and prefer to abandon the animal or leave it in a shelter or kennel. This situation has caused an increasing number of dogs to be found on the streets or in animal shelters, so adopting has become a very viable alternative not only to help save the lives of dogs, but also for the benefit of the people who make this decision.

Reasons to adopt a dog

The adoption of animals, especially dogs, is a topic that is becoming increasingly relevant. This is because non-profit organizations such as shelters or foundations, among others, have dedicated their work to spreading messages about this process. In this post we will leave some reasons why adopting a dog is one of the best options for lovers of these animals.
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Save the dog's life

Through adoption it is possible to save a large number of animals that have been abandoned and have even suffered abuse from their previous owners. This process will allow the adopted dog to have the possibility of a better quality of life, adequate nutrition, the care necessary for its well-being and to extend its life expectancy.

Meet your new friend

A very common mistake when purchasing a dog is not giving importance to the breed or the care it requires. When we are going to adopt, it is advisable to receive guidance on these aspects, which will allow us to learn more about the new pet and know how to care for it correctly.

You will create a strong bond

Although it may not seem like it, an abandoned dog will create a really strong bond with the person who decides to adopt it . The loyalty and love that these puppies show usually surprises many. This is largely due to the fact that they have not perceived affection from their previous owners, quite the opposite, so they will greatly appreciate your affection.
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You contribute to adoption sites

This reason is as important as the previous ones. Adopting a dog will not only help save lives, but also maintain a little better conditions for animals that have not yet been adopted within the spaces where they live. And, in addition, you also free up a space to accommodate another animal in a state of abandonment.

You gain a new friend

Adopting a dog will guarantee you a friend for a few years. Going for a walk, exercising, playing some sports... all of these are experiences in which your dog can accompany you and fun will undoubtedly be guaranteed.

Awareness to others

Adopting a dog can also help you raise social awareness within your family group or with friends about this issue. You can become a role model and be a spokesperson for the experience and responsibility that this entails.

How to adopt a dog

There are a large number of shelters and places where it is possible to carry out the adoption process. Many of these are free, some request some type of collaboration. In any case, adoption will always have a lower cost than purchasing a dog.
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In Spain, adoption can vary between 100 and 180 euros, depending on the characteristics of the animal and its age. Typically, dogs over 10 years old are adopted for free. In places where adoption is paid, the canines usually bring with them their respective vaccination, deworming and sterilization card, so the expense incurred is justified. Adoption cannot be taken lightly, as the aim is to prevent the dog from ever going through a situation of abandonment or another bad experience, such as abuse. That is why the committed entities carry out the relevant investigations of the new owners and, although it is a quick process, they seek to establish the ideal conditions so that the dog is in a safe and well-cared for environment. The key thing in these cases is to make sure you choose the right pet for you and be aware of the commitment that comes with adopting a dog . Learn more about dog care:
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