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Can dogs eat bread?

¿Los perros pueden comer pan?

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When it comes to our dog, one of the issues we should pay the most attention to is food. We have the habit, in many cases, of providing in their diet the foods that we consume, and that is a mistake.

This act can be harmful to the canine's health, since its diet is usually different in many aspects compared to that of a human. However, there are some foods for human consumption that, eaten properly, can be a contribution to our dog's diet. One of them is bread.

You're probably wondering if dogs can really eat bread . The answer to this question will be given throughout this article. In it we will not only guide you on your canine's bread consumption but we will also provide some recommendations on how to include it in the diet and what kind of bread man's best friend can eat.

Can I give bread to my dog?

A very normal question both on social networks and in veterinary consultations is this. As part of the class of omnivorous animals, dogs have numerous foods in their diet that provide them with the nutrients necessary for their well-being.

However, we must not forget that the canine diet should be fundamentally based on the consumption of proteins, minerals and vitamins. The carbohydrate requirement in our dog's diet is minimal.

That is why, although a small piece of bread can be given to our dog, this food should not be included regularly in its diet . Much less be the basis for it, since excess consumption can increase your weight excessively and generate obesity or glycemic disorders.

type of bread for dogs

Like the human body, the presence of carbohydrates such as bread in moderation is necessary to achieve the proper metabolic and nutritional balance. In the case of dogs it is exactly the same. For this reason, the consumption of bread is recommended, but taking into account some important considerations before providing it, thus avoiding causing problems to your good health.

What should I consider before giving bread to my dog?

As we mentioned in the previous section, there are some considerations before proceeding to give bread to our dog. One of the main ones is that this food should not be the fundamental basis of the canine's diet, since it is not a protein, but rather a carbohydrate, the frequent consumption of which can be dangerous for its health.

In addition to this, another key point is to know what type of bread can be provided to our dog and in what way. This is because industrialized breads generally contain large proportions of preservatives or additives, which are not recommended for dogs to eat, in addition to dairy products to which they may be intolerant.

What type of bread is best?

Providing our dog with homemade bread is the best way to take care of his health and not alter his diet.

Preparing the bread that we will give to our canine at home will undoubtedly save us money and headaches, since we will use the right ingredients to cook delicious bread that contributes favorably to the health of our little friend.

Keys in preparing homemade bread for dogs:

Before getting into the preparation, we must consider the ingredients, since the commonly used ones used for the preparation of industrialized breads are not recommended.

The first thing to take into account is the type of flour to use . Thinking about the dog's health, and also about preparing bread with an exquisite flavor, the use of whole wheat or cereal flours is recommended. You can use oats, barley, rice or flax, as these products not only facilitate digestion, but also help the intestinal process.

homemade dog bread

Unlike traditional preparation, in these cases the use of yeast or baking powder should be completely avoided , because they can cause illness in the dog. Instead, using brewer's yeast will be very beneficial.

Thirdly, you should avoid the use of salt and sugar . As an alternative to these ingredients, if you want to sweeten the preparation of the bread, you can add a tablespoon of honey to the mixture, the effect of which on dogs is not harmful at all.

While if what you want is to provide a salty flavor, you can use other spices such as turmeric, whose properties are wonderful for the health of our dogs.


If our dog is gluten intolerant, the consumption of bread should be left out of his diet. Unless it is bread made with other ingredients such as oat flour.

This food should not be included regularly in dogs' diet. It can be given sporadically and moderately, like a treat, without exceeding its consumption.

If your dog suffers from overweight problems, it is not advisable to give bread, because as a carbohydrate it can cause greater alterations to his current condition.

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