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Dandruff in dogs: tips to cure and prevent it

La caspa en los perros: consejos para curarla y prevenirla

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In the same way that occurs in humans, dogs can also suffer from dandruff , which can be dry or related to seborrheic dermatitis . In any case, it is necessary to give the pet the appropriate treatment to correct the problem and take the necessary preventive measures to prevent this annoying condition from occurring that affects the quality of life of our pets. Food is an essential part of preventing and improving the quality of hair and skin. At Lobo Azul we have a feed high in omega 3 and omega 6. Super Premium Salmon Feed is formulated with more than 30% dehydrated fish. and salmon oil, thanks to the high fish content it is possible to improve the coat.

What is dandruff?

It is a set of scales or dead cells that come off the skin cornea for different reasons and remain on the dog's skin and hair . Although dandruff appears to be a cosmetic problem, in fact it has other symptoms that can be annoying for the animal, such as irritation, small bumps, scabs and hair loss. Additionally, because of the itching, the dog will scratch, which causes wounds and infections to appear.
It can be of different types and causes, which will be decisive in applying timely treatment and taking the most appropriate preventive measures. It is necessary to understand that this is not an aesthetic problem, but rather a health problem.

Causes of dandruff in dogs

Understanding the reason why dandruff is occurring is the first step to correcting it permanently.
  • Poor grooming routine . Using human hygiene products, bathing too much or too little, applying colognes that are not suitable for them... all are signs of a poor grooming routine and can be a potential cause of the skin problem.
  • Dry weather . There are environments that at certain times of the year are very dry and eliminate the natural humidity of the canine dermis, something that usually happens in winter. Restoring skin moisture may require dietary changes.
  • Infections . It is not a common case, but bacterial and fungal infections can cause this problem and even cause blisters with pus. These are treated with specific treatments.
  • Nutritional deficiencies . Food is important to ensure the general health of the pet and not providing it has consequences such as dandruff and poor functioning of its vital systems.
  • Allergic states . Exposure to an allergic or irritating element can cause this condition. Irritations can come from grooming products such as human shampoo.
  • Other factors . A sedentary lifestyle, Cushing's disease, and thyroid disorders are other possible, but less common, causes.

How to eliminate dandruff in dogs

The first stage of treatment is always symptomatic, aimed at correcting the problem directly. Generally, a canine shampoo is used that has in its formula a principle that helps control the discomfort. To choose this product, the type of damage that is occurring in the dermis must be taken into consideration, in order to properly choose the products to be used. Mistaking treatment can trigger severe dermatitis, so diagnosis is an important step.
The selection of the treatment must be carried out by a specialist, since each type of shampoo has particular chemical elements that fulfill specific functions, such as sulfur, selenium sulfide, coal tar, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and iodine. It is necessary to dispense with all those hygiene items that may cause imbalances in the dog's skin, in this way we avoid causing further damage to our pet's skin.

Tips to prevent canine dandruff

Brushing the coat weekly and grooming your furry friend with a mild shampoo , especially created for dogs, is necessary, as well as complying with the bath frequency recommendation depending on the breed. This is one of the basic guidelines to avoid the appearance of skin problems in dogs.
Diet is another key factor in ensuring that canine skin is healthy enough to prevent dandruff from occurring. Foods that offer a correct balance of vitamins and minerals are appropriate, especially those that have Omega 3 in their formulation. Consult your veterinarian beforehand and do not change food abruptly. If it has been determined that one of the causes of the problem is stress, then the solution may be small doses of painkillers that eliminate the nervous state in dogs with a high level of stress and making them do physical activities so that they use up energy. Start with natural products to avoid the use of drugs, always under strict veterinary supervision.

Home remedies to treat canine dandruff

There are certain recipes or home remedies that can be used to alleviate this problem in a simple way:
  • Apple vinager . Due to its strong smell, it prevents dogs from scratching, and it also has the ability to reduce irritation, making the problem decrease significantly and in a very short time.
  • Olive oil . If it is due to dryness, the simplest step is to place a little olive oil on the dog's skin, and with that restore its hydration level.
  • Oat flour . Bathing your dog with oatmeal can be a quick relief for skin problems because it helps restore the natural balance of skin oils and thus eliminate itching.
  • Tea tree oil . This only serves to make our dog stop scratching, due to its unpleasant taste, but be careful, because if he ingests it he can end up with terrible indigestion.
  • Lavender essential oil . The concentration to use this product is 1% in fresh water. Lavender has healing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it can relieve irritation and itching.
By following the advice in this guide , you can ensure that your pet will be dandruff-free very soon if it is suffering from this problem and, in addition, you will know how to avoid these episodes in the future. Carefully follow your veterinarian's advice along with the recommendations given today to ensure that the treatment is effective. Learn about the health of other dog breeds here:
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