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The American Eskimo Dog: a furry white friend

El Perro Esquimal Americano: un peludo amigo blanco

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It is a very relevant topic for people to know everything related to the American Eskimo Dog breed , since if you want to acquire one of them, it generates many concerns about how their lives develop.
  • Size : Small/medium.
  • Weight : Between 8 and 16kg.
  • Hair type : Long and Straight.
  • Character : Intelligent, Friendly, Alert, Reserved, Protective
  • Health : Healthy
  • Life expectancy : Between 13 and 15 years.
They are a very special type of dog and, in most countries, there is increasing interest in having an American Eskimo Dog at home.

General characteristics of the American Eskimo Dog

There are some general characteristics of the American Eskimo Dog breed that have been conceptualized according to the studies and research that have been carried out over the years by experts in the animal world, which are detailed below:
american eskimo
  • The American Eskimo Dog is known as the American Eskimo , it is very small and a descendant of the Spitz . Spitz are a type of dog breed that are identified with two types of hair: one of them with a type of straight and long hair that highlights its body, and the other shorter one that determines the head. Many consider it to look like a fox.
  • It has been noted that the breed type comes from a cross between the white Sptiz from Europe and those from the United States.
  • They have been dogs widely used in circus shows such as the Barnum and Bailey circus.
  • They are usually small dogs and vary between the male and the female, since in the case of the male their size is 38 to 48 cm, and in the case of the females they have a size of approximately 35 to 45 cm.
  • There is also a type of American Eskimo Dog known as a Toy , whose size in males is between 30 and 38 cm and in females between 30 and 35 cm.
  • The weight of the American Eskimo Dog is very low because it is a small dog, and the weight of the male is also different from that of the female, which is usually smaller: in the case of males, they can weigh between 13 and 18 kg. and females between 9 and 15 kg. Now, in the case of those that are miniature, the males can weigh between 3 and 5 kg, and the females between 2 and 4 kg.

It is important to note that the AKC makes a classification of the American Eskimo Dog in which it recognizes three sizes, and the measurements are established for each one. The American Eskimo Dog Association is created to determine the American Eskimo an AKC breed. Among them, it mentions that they can be, due to their measurements: miniature of 30 cm, miniature of between 30 and 40 cm; and standard, which includes between 38 and 48 cm.

  • The American Eskimo Dog has an average lifespan that can range between 12 and 14 years.
  • Currently they can be bred according to their size in three groups or categories of the American Eskimo Dog, which are: the miniature, the toy and the standard.
  • The American Eskimo Dog can have 5 puppies each time it reproduces.
  • There are people who believe that these dogs think, since they are very intelligent and even become independent dogs, and they can be taught complicated actions and they manage to obey quickly.
  • The dogs of this breed, with emphasis on those that are larger, come to see their owner as a leader and appreciate him and are totally faithful to him.

Why is it recommended to have an American Eskimo Dog?

There are many reasons why it is very good for people to have an American Eskimo Dog in their home, since first of all it is very faithful, friendly and friendly. The American Eskimo Dog is a dog that children love very much and want to have in their home, whether in an apartment or a chalet, and it also gains the affection of all the people who live in the home, that is, that of the whole family.

The American Eskimo Dog as a guardian

At the time when this breed of dog emerged, they were used for work, since they were very good companions for the Eskimos who had to carry out their activities and had to help them hunt, and that is why they took the dog to help catch the prey. Likewise, they served to take care of and protect the space where the prey was once the person hunted it. They can warn of any interference or proximity of a stranger with their constant barking.
American Eskimo Dog breed
It is a happy dog ​​if it is with its owners , they love to bark, so you have to understand their way of being, and they are good watchers when they hear strange noises. As friendly dogs, they can relate very well to strange people, if they treat them with affection and approach them without making much noise and with caution. It is also recommended to have an American Eskimo Dog because they are very intelligent dogs, although sometimes they behave “in their own way” because they are a little stubborn. Being intelligent, they can be used to do various activities, such as taking them to a park and playing with various dog toys. It is always recommended to take the American Eskimo Dog for a walk once or twice a day, as this will allow them to function, be distracted and use up energy, since they generally have a lot of accumulated energy.

Coexistence with other animals

For the peace of mind of people who want an American Eskimo Dog, they can have it at home and live with other animals with complete peace of mind, such as cats and even other breeds of dogs without major problems, if they teach it from the moment they acquire it. However, it is not recommended that the American Eskimo Dog be in contact with pets such as birds, rodents or reptiles, as it could cause problems, since this dog is very active and, even if it is trained, living together would not be compatible. with these animals. Due to the versatility, agility and energy of the American Eskimo Dog, they can attend dog shows once they are trained by experts and easily learn the instructions. Although the American Eskimo Dog can live in low temperatures, it is necessary to highlight that they also remain active despite the weather.

What is the American Eskimo Dog physically like?

The American Eskimo Dog is really very beautiful, as it is white and, in some cases, like a cream color. The hair is straight although very abundant, and it is a very attractive dog due to its color and coat, in addition to the fact that the tail is very striking because it is very hairy and the dog tries to place it on its back. As for its head, it can be noted that it is small and triangular in shape, and its ears can be elongated and are almost always kept upright.
Regarding its body, it is important to note that it is not a large dog, so it has a suitable size to live in small spaces. It is usually strong and, although it is not very heavy, it can be compact. They usually have a brown color in their eyes, and they do not vary much in their tone, and they are oval in shape. One aspect worth highlighting is that its snout is pointed. They can withstand low temperatures because their origins are from Germany and because they have a lot of dense hair. Although it looks like a small wolf, it is not scary because it is very friendly and tender, and it should not be forgotten that they are not that big in size. Regarding their teeth, these are sometimes visible only from the front.

American Eskimo Dog Care

The American Eskimo Dog is a dog that, like all dog breeds, requires minimal care from its owners. Among the most important aspects on which greater care should be taken with the American Eskimo Dog, the following can be indicated:


As noted, its fur is somewhat delicate because it is white, smooth and abundant. To take care of it, you should brush your hair every 2 days or, at most, weekly, so that dead hair can be removed, as well as prevent knots from forming. Even more so in cases where it is long. The idea to take care of the dog's coat is not to wash it constantly, because the skin can dry out and the American Eskimo Dog naturally has dry skin.
American Eskimo Dog origin


The American Eskimo Dog has the driest skin of all dog breeds and when bathing them, great care must be taken with the products that are going to be used to avoid causing possible damage. It is recommended to bathe the dog once a month and it is suggested to use a neutral type of soap, since if a regular shampoo is used to bathe them, dermatological complications may appear. If you have doubts about the product that can be used to bathe the dog, you can consult the veterinarian, who will tell you the appropriate product for the American Eskimo Dog.

Eye care

The American Eskimo Dog breed can develop unpleasant stains if its eyes are not constantly cleaned to remove the tears that they usually have. Therefore, you should not forget to take care of the eyes of the American Eskimo Dog, because it could even cause an illness.

Diseases that the American Eskimo Dog can suffer from

The American Eskimo Dog is generally a healthy dog ​​and that is why it can live about 15 years. However, you can suffer from some diseases about which you should be careful, among which we can mention:


In the warm season or in the summer and spring seasons, the American Eskimo Dog is usually very playful, and by taking it for walks a lot, it will interact with other animals and could acquire external parasites, that is, on its skin. This is caused by ticks and other parasites of a similar nature that they will contract during their fun time when they go out for a walk.

Cryptorchids and monorchids

It is a disease that the American Eskimo Dog suffers from in its testicles when it has a malformation in them. When this happens, the treatment will inevitably consist of castration, because in this way it could prevent the generation of a tumor or any mishap in what is known as the testicular cords .


Although it does not apply to all categories of the American Eskimo Dog in terms of size and weight, it has been determined according to the latest research, it is usually common in those that are in the Toy category.

Weak joints

This is usually another of the problems that can occur to the American Eskimo Dog . To avoid consequences with this disease, it should be taken to the veterinarian to receive the appropriate treatment as soon as the owner realizes that he has a problem in his daily life.

Skull malformation

This delicate disease can occur at the time of birth because it is generated from the time it is a puppy and must be treated by the veterinarian as soon as it is born. This in order to carry out a review and diagnosis, as well as the possibilities of treatment for recovery.


It is important that if you acquire a puppy, you ask the breeder if it has had or suffers from this disease, because the dog could suffer a lot if it is not attended to in time due to lack of knowledge since it was adopted. Among the recommendations offered to keep the dog healthy , it is necessary to keep in mind what the diet should be, taking into consideration the age, and what activities it will carry out on a daily basis. Likewise, take the American Eskimo Dog to the veterinarian to provide it with the vaccines you need, as well as dewormers or medications of a similar nature.
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