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The Catalan Shepherd - an excellent playmate

El Pastor Catalán - un excelente compañero de juegos

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This beautiful dog shows us that a guard dog must not only appear imposing, but can also be a pet with such an adorable appearance that it makes you hug it day and night. The Catalan Shepherd is an example of this, it is well known for being a loyal and passionate pet with its owners , they are excellent companions for children and, in addition, they are amazing watchdogs.
  • Medium size .
  • Weight : Between 16 and 20kg.
  • Hair type : Long and wavy/straight.
  • Character : Intelligent, Agile, Protective, Endearing
  • Health : Healthy
  • Life expectancy : Between 12 and 14 years.
The Catalan Shepherd has wonderful intelligence, in the right hands, its training can bear many fruits, becoming unmatched guard dogs, thanks to their instincts that always keep them alert and their protective nature. Something that will always be evident with this beautiful breed of dog is their unwavering patience with children, they are equally energetic and playful, which makes them ideal companions.

Appearance of the Catalan Shepherd

As is obvious, her hair is thick and long, ranging from wavy to straight. On his face, his eyebrows and mustache give him a very friendly appearance , his legs and tail are also completely covered by abundant and thick hair. As for their colors, they vary greatly, the Catalan Shepherd can range from black and white to gray and white, silver and black, and other combinations in the same range of colors. Catalan Shepherd dog
The Catalan Shepherd is a medium breed of dog , its height varies, usually adult dogs range between 45 and 55 centimeters in height, and their weight ranges from 16 to 20 kilograms, with females being slightly smaller and thinner than males. males. Its friendly expression is complemented by a pair of ears on the top of the skull, adorned, like the rest of the body, by abundant hair. His highly expressive eyes are a dark amber color, and his lips are also dark in color, hiding a strong jaw full of incisors.

History of the Catalan Shepherd

The origins of the Gos D'Atura or Catalan Shepherd, unfortunately, are not well documented, being one of the oldest breeds on our planet , there are many assumptions about where it could descend from, however, nothing is truly proven. The most accepted idea is that the Catalan Shepherd descends from the dog native to the Italian Alps, the Bergamasco . As its name indicates, the Catalan Shepherd is native to Catalonia , northeastern Spain . Initially, in Spain it was known as the Catalan shepherd's dog , it was used as a guard dog on the farms and fields of farmers in this Spanish area. However, as time went by, he became very popular throughout the region thanks to his kind, loyal personality and great courage . Catalan Shepherd dog
From the beginning, he accompanied farmers as a guardian of their properties, or as an assistant in farm work. They were used as messengers or guards during the Spanish Civil War, which in turn gave them a reputation for being dogs with evident intelligence. The Catalan Shepherd breed was on the brink of extinction in the period following the Second World War although, fortunately, a few years later, the breed was rescued through breeding programs that gave very good results. This does not imply that the Catalan shepherd is an extremely widespread dog today. Currently, in addition to being very good companions at home , they also perform in agility or beauty competitions. Their great charisma and intelligence helps them achieve each of the goals they may set.

How the Catalan Shepherd behaves

Their temperament makes the Catalan Shepherd one of the best companion dogs a family can adopt, including the fact that they are also, without a doubt, wonderful guard dogs. All people who have the joy of having one of these friendly puppies know that their personality is lively, fun and very affectionate for those they consider part of their closest family. One of the qualities that stands out the most when talking about the Catalan Shepherd is his indisputable intelligence. That is why over the years they have been the main stars in many contests where skill, agility and intelligence is the key to finding the winners in contests of different kinds. They quickly learn both tricks and manners, and it must be said: bad habits too. They stand out as athletes, since their charisma, active personality and physical agility are the particularities that stand out the most in them. The Catalan Shepherd as a guard dog obtains an equally outstanding score, it is always attentive to its surroundings in case a stranger enters its domain. They are certainly very protective of their family members, not to mention how jealous they can become when it comes to their food. gos d atura
Although they can be overprotective of people, this does not mean that the Catalan Shepherd is a dangerous pet when strangers are invited home, they tend to be more reserved until they get to know the people around them. A good quality as guard dogs is that they will not attack , and instead, will promptly notify their owners if something out of the ordinary occurs. The Catalan Shepherd is very calm, this is part of its nature. However, despite their impressive ability to learn, this learning must begin when puppies are very young, so that they can memorize not only tricks, but also good manners that will help them when dealing with strangers. Their energy is very high, which is why they must be able to drain it daily. The Catalan Shepherd requires regular exercise to stay healthy and in good shape. The most recommended way to train them starts from a very young age, this way they will learn to improve their skills as a guard dog, their strength and their personality. Catalan Shepherds are known for their patience with children, in fact, they are one of the dog breeds that get along best with the little ones in the house. And they also tend to get along very well with other pets, as long as they are well socialized from a young age. Their energy is comparable to that of a small child, neither of them will find a better playmate.

Special care of the Catalan Shepherd

Two basic aspects stand out when it comes to the care that we must give to our Catalan Shepherd for the proper development of his mental and physical well-being. Each one is essential for our pet's progress in a healthy and active way.

Exercise and physical activities

A puppy's physical health is an important step to the well-being of all pets. The Catalan Shepherd is one of those dog breeds that need a daily dose of exercise. Generally, a good walk would be enough to cover the physical needs of a normal dog, however, for the Catalan Shepherd this is just a warm-up. The ideal for them is to complement them with games that stimulate their agility and intelligence . That is why having a large garden can make a difference since, in it, the dog will be able to complete its daily exercise routine. Catalan dog


As with any breed of shaggy-haired dog, the Catalan Shepherd needs frequent coat care. Shedding is not an immediate concern, although their coat should be brushed at least three times a week to prevent tangling and to clean stuck debris. Periodically checking our pet's coat by brushing it not only helps strengthen the ties between the relationship between owner and pet , but also helps us verify that everything is in order, whether it is a wound on the puppy's skin, hidden underneath. of the coat, or verify that it does not suffer from fleas or other pests. We must regularly check their ears and paws, checking that everything is kept in order. It should be noted that the Catalan Shepherd usually sheds its coat in spring and autumn, shedding first the front part of the body and finally the rear part. A curious fact is that every time the fur grows back, it does so in a different tone than the previous one.

Catalan Shepherd Puppies

If you bring a Catalan Shepherd puppy home, there are several things you should keep in mind for its proper development. First: socializing your puppy can make a big difference in his life in the long term, as he will be able to behave naturally around strangers and other animals. Puppies usually have plenty of energy, and when exercising their social skills they turn out to be better in scenarios where they encounter strangers and other animals. Puppies need a safe place to grow comfortably, which is why, when adopting a pet, regardless of what it is, we must ensure that its environment is completely positive and comfortable. When adopting a puppy, its age must be taken into account; it is not highly advisable to take them away from the mother too soon and, in the same way, it should not be done when the puppy is already very old. Catalan Shepherd puppy
Offering them a quiet place to rest is part of our task when adopting a Catalan Shepherd puppy , since they are like small children who need their hours of sleep to be able to expand all their skills. And in comparison, they also need time outside to play and learn to use their motor skills and burn off all the energy these dogs are so known for. At the end of the day, one of the most valuable things we can offer our pets is the love and respect that they show towards us, accompanied by regular visits to the veterinarian and a healthy diet.

Feeding of the Catalan Shepherd

As with every breed of dog, feeding our Catalan Shepherd high-quality food will make a difference in his growth and prosperity. It is always good to accompany our pets' diet with the necessary amount of exercise, since they could easily develop obesity and with it, a host of medical problems that would be better to leave aside. Depending on the age of our pet, it is important to take into account:
  • A puppy needs to eat at least three or four times a day, unlike an adult dog, who will only need two meals a day. When the dog is small, its diet must be high in nutrients and proteins so that it can grow adequately.
  • Once the twelve-month age limit has passed, the dog can be considered an adult. Your food should be of high quality and high in nutrients to provide you with all the values ​​you need to maintain your physical and mental well-being.
Catalan Shepherd feeding

Things to keep in mind before adopting

  • The Catalan Shepherd needs a lot of physical and mental exercise to stay in good shape. This includes long walks and games to keep him active, fetching the ball will keep him busy for a while.
  • They shed their coat in spring and autumn, this can give them a very particular look, and because of the way they shed their coat they can sometimes look like two different dogs depending on where you look at them.
  • They are dogs very dependent on their owners, although this does not mean that they should be left alone since they love the company of their loved ones.

What do we discover about Gos D'Atura?

Adopting one of these puppies will mean a journey of emotions for the family that receives it. They are so charismatic and lively that there will not be a moment of the day when you do not enjoy their occurrences. The little ones in the house will be the ones who like his company the most and will surely find a best friend in this Catalan Shepherd. From his tousled and colorful coat, to his playful and childish eyes, this beautiful dog will give the family a good dose of love, tenderness, loyalty and, above all, protection .
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