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How to properly store your dog's food

Cómo almacenar adecuadamente el pienso de tu perro

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If your dog's food is poorly stored, it can not only decompose faster, but also infect or lose its nutritional contributions. Today we present a guide with the main recommendations to keep it in the best possible condition , to preserve the health of your pet and get the most out of the product.

Tips for storing your dog's food

We start with a series of general tips to carry out a better storage process.

The right measure

You should consider starting by purchasing the appropriate quantities , also according to your space and storage capabilities. Remember that generally quality dog ​​food such as those from Lobo Azul come in airtight and safe packaging, however, after opening them, certain measures must be taken for their care. One of the factors to consider is time, generally a feed remains in good condition for up to 6 weeks after having been ventilated, so it is not very convenient to buy food for several months, remove it from its original packages and introduce it into a type warehouse.


Remember the expiration

Although it may seem obvious, there is currently a considerable percentage of feed that is purchased outside the expiration date range, a factor that affects not only humans, but also dogs, so make sure you buy early enough to Do not exceed the maximum storage period.

Do not stir

For this same reason, it is recommended that you do not mix dog food, and not only talking between different existing food, but even if it is the same brand and the same type of food, the expiration date can also vary, but not only that, also the freshness. .

The best is its original packaging

When we talk about quality dog ​​food like Lobo Azul feed, remember that the packaging is also completely clean inside and can be kept fresher, safer and without contact with bacteria, keeping the food inside. Likewise, the packaging comes with a ziplock on the top, which allows it to be closed more freshly, complying with the basic conservation principles. And if your product does not have this type of protection, you can fold and store it, trying to seal it in an equivalent way.

External storage

Although you can also place the original packaging in glass, metal or plastic containers , but preferably with a lid, to better protect it, not only from your pet, but also from other external factors. There are also special drums, bags and containers for feed, these being the best alternative when it comes to airtight options; However, care must also be taken to empty them completely before adding a new load, and not only for the reason of not stirring, but in this way we could be leaving feed with other properties at the bottom, which can decompose. and quickly infect fresh food. Likewise, it is important not to put your hand in the food packaging, or put the bowl in; It is recommended to pour the food into a cup or spoon to serve, and if it is graduated much better, so that we can better control the appropriate amounts of food. And of course, to avoid contamination by bacteria, never, ever take food back from the plate to the container, that is, do not return what your pet did not finish.

Essential principles for optimal storage

The basic principles to keep dog food in good condition , either inside its original packaging, or in an external container, are as follows.

let it be dark

First of all, you should try to prevent the sun's rays from coming into contact with the feed , since this causes various nutrients to lose their properties, for example, some vitamins; In addition, this also begins to generate a more rancid flavor.

Keep it fresh

Sunlight, as well as other thermal factors, can cause the temperature of the feed to increase, which will not only attract the dog's attention, but will also lose its properties and accelerate the decomposition process. In some cases, it can affect the consistency of the product so much that it also accelerates its expiration date. op1.jpg

Isolated from moisture

Excess moisture is not only a recommendation for better flavor and consistency of the product, but also an essential element to avoid some of the most serious conditions . In many cases, mold, fungi, as well as various bacteria can develop, in addition to promoting the development of dangerous toxins, which could put your pet's health at risk.

Be careful with oxygen

Likewise, oxygen is an essential element that encourages the decomposition process, which also alters the physical composition of the food, affects its properties, and can also make the consistency unpleasant or even unappetizing for your pet.

Where in the house to keep dog food

It is also recommended to be careful with the space in the home where we will store our pet's food , of course the first thing is that it should not be a place that they frequent, since you should not underestimate their olfactory and movement abilities, as it can surprise you and take an unnecessary binge. In this sense, options such as the kitchen are suitable, although it is recommended to label the storage places well, both for feed and treats, and in any case keeping them inside a bucket and out of reach. Places like the garden are not recommended at all due to the fact that there is a risk of rodents or insects that could violate the container, and end up getting into the food, not only ingesting it, but also contaminating it. On the other hand, a laundry room or a garage are more suitable alternatives, although it is not recommended to leave it on the floor, even more so if it is only the original packaging, since in this way humidity can also have an impact, so it is It is suggested to place it on a board or surface with legs, in order to maintain better insulation. With enough attention you can keep your pet's food in better condition, maintaining freshness, flavor, nutrients and avoiding multiple risks to its health.
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