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Everything you need to know if you want to volunteer helping animals

Todo lo que debes saber si quieres ser voluntario ayudando a animales

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To become a volunteer to help animals , the most important thing is that you must be sure that you feel love for them. From that feeling, you can do anything to help those helpless beings. If you do not have the possibility of having your own pet, you have the option of offering attention and affection to the animals, in addition to enjoying their company, sharing with them moments that you will not forget, through volunteering in associations dedicated to their care.

Work of animal protection associations

We are wrong to think that only people need help. Well, some animals also need attention and care. In fact, there are numerous associations that are dedicated to the welfare of animals, as well as defending their rights. They take care of the sanitary conditions of the animals, their vaccinations and legal registrations on behalf of the protective association. They are also dedicated to their education, training and rehabilitation, teaching them good behavior. And, their ultimate goal is to find responsible people to adopt the pets they protect.
Work of animal protection associations
They are generally non-profit institutions and, obviously, these organizations need the help of volunteers to carry out their admirable work. Therefore, they offer different programs and activities that adapt to each one. To be a volunteer in an animal protection association you do not need to have a degree as a veterinarian, nor is experience in animal care essential. For most of these institutions, it is enough to be of legal age and, of course, the most important thing: to love animals and have true motivation, patience and responsibility to carry out this activity. Another very important aspect that is taken into account when becoming a volunteer is having sensitivity against abandonment and mistreatment of animals .
Tips for becoming a volunteer

Tips for becoming a volunteer

The first step to follow to work as a volunteer is to choose the appropriate society with which you can collaborate in the care of animals. It is important that it operates regularly in compliance with the necessary legal requirements. It should generate confidence in you, so we recommend that you inform yourself well before choosing it. Contacting the organization will help you to have more information and verify if you have the possibility of working with them.
volunteer in an animal protection association
Once the organization is located, you must decide how you can participate and collaborate with the activities of the animal shelter . The options are varied, you can help financially, work directly on site and even carry out any activity from your own home. Regardless of the way you choose to volunteer, keep in mind that it is a responsibility you are assuming, so you must show a commitment to the help you will provide and the activities you must carry out. As we have mentioned, it is generally not essential to have some type of experience to volunteer. When you sign up for the organization, the institution will be in charge of helping you in your training through courses facilitated by the community, information talks on the protection and care of animals , the performance of the protective institution and the objectives of the organization. same. The preparation courses are taught according to the task selected to be carried out at the center, as well as general knowledge about behavioral therapies and follow-up visits once the animals are adopted. Through this training, the volunteer can understand more deeply the importance of what the commendable work carried out by the reception center can mean and, in this way, they will be able to perform as well as possible in their role as collaborator. Which largely guarantees the main objective, which is the well-being of the adorable animals.
Activities of animal shelters
It is necessary to remember and emphasize the importance of the responsibility and commitment that each volunteer must assume when making the decision to participate in this honorable activity. The correct functioning and success of the organization depends absolutely on the work carried out by the volunteers, therefore, to make their work possible, each one must seriously get involved in the activities under their responsibility.

Activities of animal shelters

An animal protection center always has a large number of activities to carry out, let's look at some examples:
collaborate with the activities of the animal shelter
  • Volunteering directly at the center : the shelter requires people to collaborate with cleaning and maintenance, who are dedicated to the animals in terms of grooming, walks and feeding.
  • Transportation tasks : Transportation is also an important aspect, whether it is transporting animals to veterinary clinics, transporting donated items to the shelter or transporting rescued animals. Therefore, volunteers are needed for both transportation and rescuers.
  • Animal adoptions and their monitoring: one of the functions of animal protection centers is to search and find those interested in adopting a pet. Therefore, they need to have collaborators available to establish contact with potential candidates to get to know them and verify if the animal will be in good hands. On the other hand, after the adoption process, monitoring must be carried out in order to verify the condition of the pet and help people with any questions or inconveniences that may arise. Contact and control can occur by telephone, email and visits.
  • Dissemination in the media : disseminate the important function of the organization through the different available media and make the work and needs of the protector reach the largest number of people possible.
  • Creation of editorial material : the center needs personnel who are responsible for preparing photographic material of the animals, writing articles and stories about them, and preparing designs for events, workshops or courses that are carried out.
  • Management of public relations : for the association to make itself known and have the possibility of requesting the collaboration of veterinary clinics, pet stores, companies or other foundations to raise funds to help cover the expenses generated by the shelter, it must have people who are in charge of managing public relations. These people must also be responsible for making the animals they have in their care known.
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In conclusion

As you can see, volunteering at an animal shelter is not an easy task, but it is very comforting for those who feel devotion to our furry friends. Think carefully about whether you want to dedicate yourself to this and then carefully investigate the shelter you choose before registering with the association. You can request information from the shelter itself online or by visiting its facilities, so you can see how the animals live there. You can read more dog tips here:
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