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The most original gifts for dogs

Los regalos para perros más originales

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Whether because our dog's birthday is approaching, a special month like Christmas is coming, or simply because we want to have a tender gesture towards our best canine friend, giving him something useful and meaningful will always be of great importance. Traditional gifts, such as food or other items, are easy to obtain and will not take much work. But if it is an original gift , we must search a little more until we find what we are looking for. To make deciding on an ideal gift a little easier, we have developed the following article, where we present the most original gifts for dogs . Innovative and fun ideas that you will surely love and will also be very useful for your pet.

Special bed for dogs

Surely when you start reading this you will ask yourself: What is so original about a bed? Certainly, dog beds are one of the first and most common gifts that pets receive. However, beyond the bed, its design is what makes it an original gift. For example, currently there are quite comfortable and innovative beds that become pets' favorites.
beds for dogs

bed slippers

A very original idea is a design called slipper bed . In this case, the beds, commonly for small or medium-sized dogs, are made like a sneaker, specifically imitating the popular Crocs , modern, comfortable and unique so that your puppy can rest peacefully.

Cave or den bed

These are other original models that can be found on the market and be an excellent gift option. Cave beds are very sophisticated designs so that your canine is comfortable in a beautiful space, while den beds are a type of blankets, where dogs lock themselves up in search of warmth, ideal especially for cold climates.

Collars and leashes

Another option that, although it may seem unoriginal, may surprise you, are collars and leashes . Although they are accessories found in any pet store, some more eccentric and even comical models are not so easy to find.
Dog Collar

sausage strap

If you like to attract attention and even be a little funny when you arrive somewhere with your dog, with a sausage leash you will surely not go unnoticed, and neither will your dog. It is a very original strap design, in the shape of sausages, which gives a funny and very original appearance.

Luminous necklaces

If eccentric and striking things suit your pet, one of these collars can be an ideal gift, and also very original. These are collars with fluorescent colors and great comfort for your furry friend. Also a very useful device, especially if night walks with your dog are common, these collars help identify it from a distance.


There is nothing more important than keeping your dog identified, in case it accidentally gets lost, they will know where to find you to return it. But just because it is useful does not mean that it is unoriginal, on the contrary, there are very innovative and striking ideas for identification tags for your canine, which can become a unique gift.


Clothes never go out of style, and in the case of clothing for animals , it is no exception. There are countless designs adapted to any canine that will undoubtedly attract attention. Who better than the owner of a pet to buy the appropriate and original outfit. Let yourself be carried away by the most striking, exclusive models that are ideal for making your canine look like a fashion lover.
clothes for dogs

dog umbrella

If you love walks on rainy days but don't want your dog to get wet, an umbrella is the perfect option for your pet. Protecting him in rainy seasons is a priority and giving him an original umbrella will be very useful for both of you.

Water source

When it comes to useful and original gifts, purchasing a water fountain for your pet is one of the options that fits this description perfectly. Nothing brings more distinction to your friend and you than having your own water source. From where several pets can also drink at the same time. And besides, animals love it and you can avoid urinary tract diseases by having to bend down more to drink from other places. Consider this gift as one of the main ones.

ball launcher

If your dog is one of those who enjoys running in search of the ball excessively, this device is ideal for you. With its use, you will avoid the fatigue of throwing the ball all the time and your dog will have the most fun looking for it every time you send it away from where it is. It is not only a useful gift, but also fun and original. There are different shapes and sizes of ball launchers . You can choose the alternative that best suits your budget and preferences.

Technological artifacts

If you thought that technology had not reached the canine world, you are wrong. There are various very innovative devices that, although expensive in some cases, can be very useful for your pet's life and even for you. Let's look at some of them:
dog camera

Automatic food dispenser

This gift is one of the most authentic on the market. A food dispenser can be programmed to provide up to four servings of food to your canine while you're away from home. As if that were not enough, this excellent device has a water dispenser and also has a hearing aid that allows you to record messages for your pet that will play automatically as programmed, so your pet will not feel so alone. A real novelty that will be of great help when you are alone.

Neck surveillance camera

When it comes to eccentricities, why not have a surveillance camera on your dog's neck ? With this tiny and very light device, you can record what your dog does while you are away. Record special moments during your walk and even show aspects such as intruders entering your house or anything else. If it comes to original details, this is undoubtedly at the top of the list.

To end

As you can see, there are a large number of gifts that you can offer your pet on an important date or simply to show your affection for him. They are also a great gift idea for a friend or family member who has a pet. The possibilities are many, you just have to look for the one that fits your tastes and budget, so you will make your four-legged best friend happy with a very special gesture. More curiosities about dogs:
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