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What are the best treats for dogs?

¿Cuáles son los mejores premios para perros?

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Although it may seem insignificant, one of the ways to reinforce good behavior and appropriate habits in our dog is by giving him a reward every time he does something correctly. Whether it is a trick, a pirouette, obeys a request on our part, or simply performs some action appropriately such as not breaking things or something similar, the rewards or prizes should not be long in coming. This, in addition to encouraging the dog to continue with these habits, is a sign of our love for him, so it is of great importance to keep these details in mind. However, not everything we consider an appropriate “treat” or reward for our prize usually is. For example, it is well known that canines cannot eat the same foods as an adult, so rewarding them with one of our treats can be harmful to their health. In view of this, we have developed this article with the purpose of identifying which are the best treats for dogs . In this way, we will make training easier and more satisfactory for our pet and for ourselves.

How do you know which one is the best?

Just like training a dog, finding an ideal treat for him is not an easy task either. Currently there are a large number of treats on the market that can be considered an ideal reward while practicing good habits in our pet. However, it is necessary to identify the one that our canine friend likes the most. In this way, he will feel greater motivation when carrying out the training practices, knowing that, if he does it well, he will obtain a reward that he will like.
reward the dog

What should I consider when choosing a prize?

The first thing that needs to be considered when choosing a treat for our dog is that it is a specialized product for them. That is, it contains not only an exquisite flavor, but is processed with the nutrients and proteins that the dog needs. This way you are not only pleasing him, but you are also contributing favorably to his nutrition.

Avoid obesity

Within this, it is essential to review the caloric and protein components that commercial snacks contain. Well, an excessive load of them can lead to the dog suffering from obesity, a situation that is not desired at all.

Control rewards

Another elementary aspect in providing treats to our dog is controlling the amount we give him. A very effective trick, also recommended by veterinarians, is to complement the treats with petting and a pleasant voice. In this way, the consumption of sweets as a reward will be moderate.

Seek to maintain interest

The idea of ​​rewarding the dog when it is being trained is not only to contribute to its diet in a practical way, but also to keep it interested in learning, since there will be a reward for it.
Control rewards

What product should I choose?

A common mistake is to downplay the importance of the product that is selected to reward the canine during its training. This, although it may not seem like it, can have negative consequences for your health. A low-quality treat, or one with little protein content, can cause obesity or intestinal allergies in the animal, causing diarrhea and other nutritional diseases. Hence, the importance of doing a thorough examination of the product we are thinking of purchasing. To a large extent, the well-being of our dog and even its performance in training will depend on it. There are currently physical stores and online stores where buying dog food products is very simple. In most of them you will find a description of it and the contributions they offer to the dog's health. Some aspects that can be considered when choosing a product are:
  • The age of the dog: whether it is an adult or puppy
  • Size: whether large or small
  • To improve your coat
  • Specialized: if the puppy has health problems
In addition, taking into account the nutrients, vitamins and cereals they have is another important point.

homemade prizes

For those who are not convinced by commercial products, having homemade treats is a highly recommended option. And there are a large number of homemade foods that can be used as a reward for the dog during training. Some of them are:
Homemade dog treats

Fruits and vegetables

Carrots, pears, melon, watermelon and apples are the most common and provide great nutritional value for a dog. Due to its high fiber content and exquisite flavor, it will leave our canine very pleased after training. Banana is also a good option. Like blackberries, strawberries and blueberries, they play a great role as antioxidants.


Liver is another very favorable and economical option. Cut it into small pieces or strips and then bake it without seasonings or dressings, which will make it a great delicacy as a reward for your dog.

Chicken, turkey or fish

This is another good alternative to reward our dog's arduous training. You just have to cook it a little and bone it, since cooked bones or spines are not recommended due to the risk of clogging the stomach and causing discomfort to the canines.

What should I NOT give him?

A fairly common question is what foods we should avoid giving our dog as a treat or reward. The list is a bit extensive, however, we will mention some of the less indicated ones, such as chocolate. Coffee, milk, raw meat, raw egg, raisins, salt, alcohol, onion, tea... among others. These foods are not recommended to be given as treats or snacks to our puppies, as they can cause side effects that affect the dog's health and well-being. Avoiding the consumption of the latter and appropriately choosing the reward that we will give to our pet during its training will ensure a happy animal and very beneficial training.
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