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Attention! Toxic dog food!

¡Atención! ¡Alimentos tóxicos para perros!

Lobo Azul |

It is well known that people like to eat good things. Sometimes it is even difficult to resist a good dish or entering a sweet shop...

Who hasn't wanted to share their food with their dog? But be careful, we should not believe that our dog has the same nutritional needs as us, your body is different from his, a product that is good for us will not necessarily be good for him.

So that the kitchen, the basement or the garden do not become dangerous places for your dog, here are some foods that it is advisable to keep away from his snout.

The chocolate

Indeed, chocolate is not good for dogs, especially dark chocolate, which causes rapid heartbeats due to the theobromine contained in the product. If the dog has ingested chocolate, it may have vomiting or diarrhea. Namely, 50 grams of dark chocolate can kill a 5 kg dog.


We all know about mushrooms that are toxic to humans, and they can also be toxic to dogs. Therefore be careful when you see each other during the walk.


Daily food for us, bread, especially fresh, represents a danger for the dog. The yeast contained in the dough can rise in the stomach and cause it to rupture. If the dough rises, it can also cause alcohol poisoning after the release of ethanol contained in the product.


Macadamia nuts and nutmeg are the most dangerous for dogs. They can cause fever, weakness and hallucinations if the dog eats too much.


All avocado is extremely toxic to dogs. The leaves and bark contain Persine, a toxic fatty acid derivative that can cause respiratory distress, intestinal disorders, and even death if ingested in large quantities.

onion and garlic

Onion is the more dangerous of the two, as it contains a higher amount of thiosulfate, highly toxic to dogs. Ingestion of onion causes shortness of breath and intestinal disorders in dogs due to toxins that affect red blood cells. Symptoms do not appear immediately, but do appear a few hours after ingestion.


Grapes, raisins specifically, contain an unknown toxic substance that causes kidney failure in dogs. It is essential to avoid raisins as well as fresh grapes.


These are just a few examples, a small part of the foods that attract humans and are, in parallel, toxic to animals. If your dog is a victim of poisoning, immediately contact the nearest veterinarian, only he or she can diagnose the poisoning and tell you what to do.
It is important to remember that the dog does not need to have a varied diet and it is better that you reward him with a dog treat and your affection. Give your dog a high-quality dog ​​food to provide him with everything he needs in his nutrition and enjoy a long and healthy life.

Other feeding tips for your pet:

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