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Agility: Sport and fun for dogs and their owners

Agility: Deporte y diversión para perros y sus dueños

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Like humans, dogs also need constant exercise to stay well physically and, in many cases, mentally. The presence of physical activity means that animals can not only acquire good health conditions, but also remain balanced in terms of their behavior, which makes this aspect a very important characteristic in the life of both the canine and its owner. to the point of there being a sports routine that requires the participation of both to be carried out properly. This sport is known worldwide as Agility .
What is Agility
A canine sport that requires coordination, attention and discipline but, above all, a lot of connection between the dog and its owner to be carried out effectively. It combines fun, entertainment, commitment and responsibility, the latter if it is a higher competition. With its origin in the United Kingdom, "Agility" was the term used by the British in 1977 to define what, some time later, would become one of the most popular dog sports in the world . And it is not only taken as a simple competition, but is also part of the daily life of a pet and its trainer as it is an excellent tool for canine education. But what does it consist of? Is it for all pets? What are its benefits? These questions will be answered below. If you do not know this sporting discipline for your pet, do not stop reading this information and start practicing this sport now.

What is Agility?

Agility is a sport modality that involves the participation of the dog accompanied by its owner . Without a doubt, this is the most distinctive feature of this competition. It essentially consists of the dog, without a leash and in the shortest amount of time possible, managing to overcome an entire circuit of obstacles only with the indication of its owner, who will accompany it throughout the entire route, guiding it with his voice.
Agility training
Although it may seem simple, the popularity of this sport is mainly due to the challenge that it constitutes for both the dog, its owner and trainer, to reach the goal overcoming obstacles and the time of other canines, without committing infractions. More and more people with pets are starting to practice this sport, due to the multiple benefits obtained thanks to this training, which mainly requires good physical condition and a very close relationship between the dog and its owner. That is why, outside of the competitive level, Agility is also an exceptional sport to practice at home, as it not only keeps your dog healthy, but also contributes to its behavior by promoting other areas such as education, obedience and attention.

What breeds can practice it?

Generally, Agility competition has three categories: large, medium and small. That is to say, it is a sport available for any dog ​​breed , since the circuits are adapted to the aforementioned categories, taking into account the height at the withers of the dog, making the competition fair. It is important to note that, to participate in official competitions, dogs must be registered in a club in this modality. Generally, the dog being active and sociable is a sufficient requirement to begin the dog's participation in Agility.
Agility breeds
However, characteristics such as the size or age of the puppy can influence its action in competitions in many cases. However, the practice of Agility as a method to maintain canine health and, in addition, carry out activities with the dog, either at home or in a special center for this practice, is becoming increasingly common and beneficial for both the dog and the animal. the owner.

What are its benefits?

Although it is a modality practiced for a long time, its benefits never cease to surprise, as they evidently go beyond being a simple canine sport, to become a fun and healthy practice for the life of the dog and its best friend, man. .
Agility dog ​​sport
The advantages of practicing this sport are becoming more and more notable. Below we will mention the most notable ones:

Improves the owner-pet relationship

If there is something to highlight about this practice, it is the connection that must exist between the dog and its owner to properly execute the circuits in the shortest possible time and without errors, only following the instructions provided by the dog's voice and gestures. The strengthening of this relationship is increasingly seen in constant practices and is maintained outside of practice, as the canine trusts its master's instinct and lets itself be guided by it. While the master trusts in his pet's abilities.
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Helps emotional balance

The emotional balance of both (dog and owner) is greatly influenced by the practice of this sport that requires movement, attention, and great agility. While they deal with overcoming obstacles, they release the tension of a bad day, for example. While the dog, if it is a breed that requires a large amount of exercise, is kept under control thanks to Agility.

Mutual training

Another of the indisputable benefits of practicing Agility is that it contributes to improving and maintaining the physical condition of the dog and its owner. Both will require an increasingly greater proportion of energy to overcome obstacles. While the dog runs quickly along the track, the owner must follow his rhythm to help overcome the next challenge, so they will be able to maintain a rhythm of exercises that is quite favorable for their health.

Improves concentration

Aspects such as improving the dog's concentration, discipline and obedience are another benefit. And the animal needs to remain calm, but at the same time very focused on the track, to properly hear the voice of its owner while he guides it. This fact means that your sense of concentration, discipline and obedience are increasingly strengthened as you advance in Agility practices.
Agility competitions

It's fun for both of us

Agility is not only demanding, fun is also present in this training system, especially for dogs that love to jump or always be active. They will enjoy running accompanied by their owners, while the latter entertain themselves non-stop giving directions and running alongside their best friend. For both of you, practicing Agility will be a real challenge, full of fun and guaranteed entertainment.

When to start in this sport?

Those who wish to practice this sport with their pet must take some aspects into account. Although outside of competitions all dogs can practice this sport on a daily basis, there are some essential characteristics for this. First of all, it is important that the dog has reached its full development to start this practice, because it requires physical effort and agility.
benefits of Agility
Heavy dogs cannot practice this activity competitively, as they could be injured if the necessary precautions are not taken or if the subject is not known. On the other hand, before starting Agility practices , it is advisable to start adequate training with the canine, where it is taught important aspects such as walking together, listening to commands, sitting, walking, lying down and common movements within the sport. . Finally, establishing a relationship of trust and comfort between you and the dog while the training is carried out, considering as a first point the positive reinforcement, motivation and reward for the practices, will give very effective results that will be reflected in the canine's performance. . Other interesting articles:
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