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7 curiosities about dogs that you probably don't know

7 curiosidades sobre los perros que probablemente desconozcas

Lobo Azul |

Dogs are wonderful animals and there are also a series of curiosities around them that many of us are unaware of, even though there are few of us who have not lived with one or more of them at some point.

Some dogs don't bark

There are breeds of dogs that barely bark or do not even bark at all, and of all of them perhaps the best known is the Basenji, a breed that cannot bark like the rest of its conspecifics, because it has different vocal cords.

They can hear 4 times more than humans

All of us who have dogs realize that they hear noises that do not reach us. That's because they hear sounds up to 50,000 hertz, while we only detect up to 20,000.

They are as smart as a 2 year old.

There is a lot of controversy around the intelligence of dogs, but owners know that they are. In fact, some studies say that their intelligence could be compared to that of a two-year-old child.

This depends on the breeds , since there are some like the border collie, which are true geniuses in the canine world , and who stand out for how smart they are.

Dogs and cats have the same technique for drinking water

Although dogs and cats couldn't be more different, when they drink water they do it in the same way. Both species put their tongues into the water by bending it and then raise this liquid vertically to their mouths.

They cannot suck like we do, since it is impossible for them to close their lips due to the shape of their mouths.

They sweat from their paws

When summer arrives, many owners take their animals to the hairdresser to have their hair cut, which can help them cope better with the heat, although not as much as one might think.

These animals do not have sweat glands spread throughout their body, but rather they concentrate them in their legs , which is where they regulate their temperature, in addition to also doing so through their nose.

Detect your feelings

It seems that when our feelings change, changes occur in the human body that lead to chemical reactions that dogs can most likely smell .

This allows dogs to capture their owners' emotions, especially when they have to do with sadness or when we are going through a bad time, so much so that many people say that their pets have helped them cope with very bad situations.

He is capable of missing you

Dogs miss their owners a lot, something that is proven when we have to spend a few days or even weeks away, on a trip, and we return.

It is not even necessary for us to be away for a long time, because when they get home from work they go crazy with joy.

There are famous cases of animals whose owners have died, and for the rest of their lives they have been taking the same route that they took with their owners , or who went to the cemetery every day to visit it.

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