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We are animal lovers

It's a good answer to the question Who We Are, don't you think?

It's like that.

At PIENSOS LOBO AZUL we are animal lovers above anything else.

And we are experts in animal nutrition .

In collaboration with some of the best specialized veterinarians , we manufacture animal feed with Super Premium quality that animals really like because they are intelligent and are able to detect that they are made with 100% natural ingredients .

Their owners also like them very much, because they understand that they are providing their pets with a healthy, healthy diet, made with high-quality raw materials and that contributes significantly to improving their diet and prolonging a healthy state throughout their lives.

We started doing this in 2014

PIENSOS LOBO AZUL is currently managed by the third generation, since the company's activity began in 1967.

The company has gone through different states since then and we have grown a lot in all aspects.

Even so, we continue working with the same philosophy that made our company grow and consolidate, the love for animals and the goal of improving their health thanks to a balanced, healthy and quality diet.

That is what has brought us here and we are strict in its compliance.

Where we are

We are in Betanzos (La Coruña). Here are our offices and our operations center.

From here we organize everything and it is here where we develop and improve the formulas of our feed and food supplements for dogs and cats.

We also have a new logistics center inaugurated in 2021 that allows us to deliver almost 100% of our orders in 24/48 hours anywhere in Spain, Portugal and France.

Currently, we have a presence in five countries: Spain, Portugal, France, Greece and Ivory Coast.

Why you should trust us

  • Ingredients of animal origin (salmon, beef, lamb or chicken) represent the most important part of our formulas, which is why pets like them so much.

  • The meat and fish with which we make our high-end feed come from raw materials suitable for human consumption.

  • We have a specially recommended feed for each breed and size of dog that also takes into account food intolerances and allergic reactions. Little joke with this.

  • All the ingredients we use in manufacturing are 100% natural and fresh and in addition, we only use natural preservatives such as vitamin E or rosemary extract. No artificial preservatives.

This is how they talk about us

There are much more expensive brands that we see a lot of advertising about and that my dogs feel much worse than Piensos Lobo Azul. Very happy for a long time.

Silvia Casas


I love this think. I started giving it to my dog ​​when he was a puppy and he loves it. It smells better than other brands, the dog loves the flavor and it leaves him with beautiful hair.

Jesus Aguilera


I think of very good quality at an affordable price, my cat loves it and it suits him very well and I find it totally recommended. Very happy with everything.

Christina Felipe


Our commitment to you

Our commitment to you is to maintain and improve premium quality in all the products we manufacture.

Our commitment to your pet is a healthy diet based on raw materials of animal origin that contributes to improving its general condition and health.

We never stop innovating and improving our formulas so that their flavor is pleasant to more pets every day, at the same time that their owners have the peace of mind of knowing that they are being fed 100% natural products with high nutritional value.

This commitment that we have both with them and with you involves continuing to develop new products every day that advance this goal of improving their diet and health.

We have professional support so you can resolve any questions or queries you may have about our feed.

Also if you have doubts about the suitability of using one feed or another and we help you so that you can adapt their diet optimally as they grow.