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Most common canine diseases that can be caused by poor diet

Enfermedades caninas más comunes que pueden ser causadas por una mala alimentación

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Just like for humans, food is a topic of great importance in our dog's life . That is why the care our canine friends require not only extends to their physical appearance and well-being, but also to proper nutrition. An unbalanced diet with products that do not meet the nutritional needs of a dog can cause alterations in its body that can become serious, putting its life at risk. However, sometimes, due to ignorance or lack of accurate information, we feed our puppy inappropriately, without knowing the damage that this could cause. To avoid this situation, the following article will detail the most common canine diseases that can be caused by poor diet .

What diseases does poor diet cause?

From obesity to severe stomach damage, these are some of the most profound consequences that a poor diet can have on our dog. To learn more about this topic, here are listed the conditions that our dog can suffer from due to inadequate nutrition.
bad canine diet


Although for many it is not considered a disease, obesity is one of the most common illnesses that can seriously affect the life of a canine that is not fed properly. Whether due to the amount of food given, or the number of times the dog is fed per day, obesity is a fairly common condition , which can also lead to other diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, heart problems and even cancer. Providing our dog with a feed that contains the amount of nutrients necessary according to its age and breed, and the right amount, will avoid obesity and the risk of other diseases. And, if he is already starting to show this problem, you can choose a light feed (low in fat) that will help him control his weight.


One of the most well-known diseases in dogs due to poor diet is diarrhea. In general, this condition occurs when the canine is intolerant to some food that is being provided. Whether it is poor quality feed, food that is not appropriate for them, sudden changes in their diet or its poor condition. Although it is common for our dog to suffer an episode of diarrhea at some point , and should not cause much concern, the persistence of this condition is what should draw attention, since dehydration is what will come next, and can severely affect its health. Properly feeding our dog, with food appropriate for its size, age and in some specialized cases, is the best recommendation.


Another common disease in dogs, caused by poor diet, is allergies. Intolerance to some foods can cause not only a stomach allergy, but also manifestations of this in our puppy's coat.
gastritis in dogs
On some occasions, even if the dog is fed with regular food, it may present allergy symptoms . This may happen because some of the nutrients or fats (or flavorings in this food) harm you. Therefore, we must be sure which foods, or nutrients, can affect our dog in order to avoid their consumption and reduce the risk of allergies. Consider replacing their current food with a hypoallergenic food for sensitive dogs.


Acute gastritis is another common condition caused by poor diet in dogs. Like diarrhea and allergies, low tolerance to some foods is its main characteristic. However, the presence of parasites, or the reaction to some bacteria, can also be the cause of this disease. In general, acute gastritis is usually associated with the ingestion of spoiled foods . When our dog eats from the garbage or we give him spoiled food without knowing it, we are causing him severe damage. In extreme cases, it can even cause death. Monitoring our dog's diet and preventing him from sniffing through the garbage is a good way to reduce the presence of gastritis.

stomach inflammation

Although it is not well known, inflammation of the esophagus is also very common among the disorders that our dog can suffer from poor diet. Generally, this is associated with the ingestion of bones that are difficult to manage. In some cases, they get stuck in our friend's esophagus, causing irritation and inflammation. Avoiding giving our dog the remaining bones in our food will ensure that it does not suffer from this type of ailment.
canine stomach inflammation

How to know if I'm feeding my dog ​​wrong

Although we may not believe it, it is very common that we are feeding our dog inadequately and, due to ignorance, we do not give the importance that this issue should have. There are several ways to know that our canine is being poorly fed, let's look at some of them:

Loss of appetite

When our dog has a lack of appetite, it is not necessarily because his hunger is satisfied, quite the opposite. The presence of parasites or stomach diseases is evidenced in many cases by the canine's lack of appetite.

Lack of energy

Another sign of poor nutrition is the lack of energy that our dog may show. When fed properly, canines usually always remain active and ready to go out to play or walk.

Hearing problems

In some cases, a little more extreme, poorly fed dogs may have hearing problems . Some allergies can severely affect the dog's senses, with the ear being one of the most vulnerable in these cases.
diseases poor canine diet

What should I do?

To properly feed a dog, some aspects must be taken into account. For example: provide quality feed , with a high content of proteins, vitamins, minerals and lipids. But at the same time low in carbohydrates, as they increase the risk of obesity in the puppy. Another important consideration is to avoid excess fat, artificial colors and flavorings, as frequent consumption can be harmful to the health and well-being of our dog.
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